'NXT TakeOver: Chicago' Results: Match Winners Include Major Championship Changing Hands, Heel Turn At PPV

The NXT TakeOver: Chicago results are now officially in the books from Saturday night’s big WWE pay-per-view at Allstate Arena. Among the matches on the latest event card were Asuka defending her NXT Women’s Championship in a Triple Threat match and Bobby Roode putting the NXT Championship on the line against Hideo Itami. In addition, Tyler Bate was in action with the WWE’s UK Championship on the line against Pete Dunne, and the NXT Tag Team Championship was up for grabs in a ladder match. Did any of the titles change hands on this latest WWE pay-per-view for the NXT brand? According to ProWrestling, the NXT match results opened with Roderick Strong in action against Eric Young of Sanity. The two competitors put on a match that nearly spanned 14 minutes to open the NXT event with plenty of back-and-forth action on display. At one point, Young’s henchmen Killian Dain and Alexander Wolfe tried to get involved but Strong was able to fight both men off and took them out at ringside. In the ring, Strong was able to put Young up overhead but got raked in the eye. The two NXT stars battled it out on the corner area with Strong delivering a knee which caused Young to fall to the outside, taking out Dain and Wolfe. The finish saw Strong deliver his End of Heartache finisher to collect the big pinfall win. At the NXT TakeOver: Chicago event, Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate put on a brilliant match to showcase the UK division’s stars. [Image by WWE] The next match of the evening gave fans a treat as not only did it feature the UK Champion Tyler Bates defending his belt against Pete Dunne, but it also featured legendary commentator Jim Ross. J.R. called the match alongside Nigel McGuiness as the UK stars got some spotlight on the card. The match could be considered one of the best of the evening, and possibly one of the best for the year in the world of professional wrestling. The two United Kingdom stars put on a classic with fans chanting “This is awesome!” during the bout. The match went over 15 minutes with Bate attempting the Tyler Driver at one point but Dunne managing to escape as he exploited Bate’s hurt arm. The two fought a bit to the outside with Bate delivering a moonsault to take down Dunne. He followed with a Spiral Tap back in the ring to get the near fall. However, it was Dunne’s night to shine. Moments later the challenger was able to connect on an elbow shot as the champion dove at him outside the ring. Dunne was able to put the champ back into the ring and connect on his Bitter End finisher to get the pinfall win. With that Dunne is now the new UK Champion. Both @Tyler_Bate and @PeteDunneYxB are willing to do WHATEVER it takes to walk out of #NXTTakeOver: Chicago with the @WWE #UKChampionship! pic.twitter.com/AtfnXOeuGo — WWE (@WWE) May 21, 2017 The NXT Women’s Championship was also on the line Saturday night as the dominant Asuka looked to continue her reign. She would face Ruby Riot and Nikki Cross in a Triple Threat match as Ember Moon was removed from the bout due to legitimate injury. Asuka was able to handle the two competitors to retain her championship. The finish featured Riot taking out Cross, but Asuka delivering a kick to knock down Riot and then pinning both opponents at once. The NXT Championship was up next, as Bobby Roode would defend the belt against Hideo Itami in the second-to-last match of the night. The two battled for nearly 18 minutes over the top prize on the roster. The closing moments featured Itami delivering slaps to Roode before attempting the GTS finisher. Rhode delivered several DDTs and then made a pinfall cover while favoring his shoulder that Itami had targeted during the match. Tommaso Ciampa wouldn’t allow an ankle sprain to prevent him from competing at NXT TakeOver: Chicago in a ladder match for the titles. [Image by WWE] Closing out the big NXT TakeOver: Chicago show would be a ladder match for the NXT Tag Team Championship. The Authors of Pain would defend the title belts against former champions DIY. Prior to the match, it was noted that several former NXT stars who are now on the main roster were in attendance. WWE United States Champion Kevin Owens and fellow SmackDown Live star Sami Zayn were shown in the crowd to witness the event. The main event match featured Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano battling for the titles. Ahead of the PPV, the WrestleZone website reported that Ciampa tweeted a photo of his foot being taped up, and said, “we have come too far to stop now.” The tweet was basically an indication that despite an ankle sprain he suffered at a NXT live event, Gargano would compete in tonight’s contest. Both tag teams gave it their all in a match which saw bodies flying and crashing against the metal ladders all around and inside the ring. As usual, Paul Ellering got involved but was knocked down by Gargano in the ring. At one point, DIY hit a double move outside the ring, diving off two ladders down onto each of the AOP guys who were laid across ladders extending from the ring to the crowd barriers. Desperate times call for desperate measures for #DIY @JohnnyGargano & @ProjectCiampa! #NXTTakeOver #LadderMatch pic.twitter.com/2mPApz4n4i — WWE (@WWE) May 21, 2017 However, Paul Ellering’s duo would not be outdone and were able to retain the titles in this brutal match. As Wrestling Inc reported in their NXT recap, DIY made the climb up to reach the hanging belts above the ring but Authors of Pain cut them off by kicking the ladders out from underneath them. Still, DIY was hanging onto the championship belts in a sort of Jeff Hardy moment. However, AOP’s Akam and Rezar were able to grab Ciampa and Gargano for power bombs and then hit a Super Collider before making the climb to retrieve their championship belts. Adding to the intensity post-match was the fact that Ciampa decided he’d had enough of his partner Johnny Gargano. With the duo standing on stage to receive “D-I-Y” chants from the fans, Ciampa ended up attacking Gargano in a surprising moment which drew the “Holy S**t” chants and more. Ciampa did a pose for the fans in attendance to a strong round of boos before the NXT TakeOver pay-per-view results ended. WHAT is @ProjectCiampa doing to @JohnnyGargano?! It seems #AOP has fulfilled their prophecy to truly END #DIY… #NXTTakeOver pic.twitter.com/U8PJdqqWyc — WWE (@WWE) May 21, 2017 The event’s finish is likely to have plenty of WWE fans talking about the latest NXT pay-per-view which arrives just one night before Backlash takes place. Could there be some more major surprises in store for the WWE Universe during that event? Time will tell if Jinder Mahal becomes the new WWE World Champion or if Fandango makes a huge heel turn on his partner Tyler Breeze. [Featured Image by WWE]

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