Do WWE Officials Believe Finn Balor Is Too Small To Face Brock Lesnar?

It has been rumored for years that WWE officials have had a stigma against smaller wrestlers who do not fit the stereotypical look of a WWE Superstar, and some people have been wondering if Finn Balor will be held back because of his size. Balor is a former WWE Universal Champion, and he’s been a top guy since coming to the main roster, but some people still question if he could go one on one with someone like Brock Lesnar. On Raw last week, Finn lost his first match on the main roster to Roman Reigns in a competitive match, but a lot of people noticed how often Raw’s announcers were mentioning Balor’s size extensively. It’s being said that Finn Balor’s size was brought to attention by request of Vince McMahon himself. Apparently, The Boss wanted to create that narrative because the powers that be are building Balor to become a great underdog. Vince McMahon and WWE officials bringing attention to Balor’s size wasn’t designed to establish that Finn can’t hang with someone like Reigns or even Lesnar. In fact, it was meant to represent opposite. Balor’s size is being seen as an advantage by the powers that be because of his style inside the ring and his experience in New Japan, NXT, and elsewhere. WWE officials think his style would work well against a bigger opponent. [Image by WWE] During his match with Roman Reigns on Raw, Finn Balor showcased his athleticism, speed, and high flying in the ring. Meanwhile, Corey Graves spoke highly of Balor’s striking. Booker T also mentioned Finn’s heart and determination as well. Balor was also put over as someone that could challenge The Beast for the WWE Universal Championship. All Balor has to do is win the Fatal Four Way at the upcoming Extreme Rules PPV. Braun Strowman’s elbow injury has forced WWE officials to call a few audibles regarding the creative plans for Raw heading into the summer months. Brock Lesnar will defend the WWE Universal Championship for the first time at the upcoming WWE Great Balls of Fire PPV in July. The belief is WWE officials will book a match between Balor and Lesnar at the event. “The Beast” vs. “The Demon” will happen for the first time. The expectation is Lesnar will retain the WWE Universal Title all the way through to Wrestlemania 34 next year in New Orleans. Roman Reigns is rumored to end his reign at that event and finally become the WWE Universal Champion. Because of that, Balor isn’t expected to take the title from Lesnar. However, Finn will be pushed as a top babyface for the foreseeable future despite several rumors about him turning heel soon. [Image by WWE] The WWE Universe is usually concerned about smaller performers like Finn Balor being held down when it is easier for WWE officials to push Brock Lesnar, Braun Strowman, or Roman Reigns. However, there have been numerous examples that prove talent, and a unique connection with the fans is more important than a wrestler having the right look. Daniel Bryan, Edge, and others have been able to climb the WWE ladder. WWE 24 just had an entire episode dedicated to Finn Balor life and his comeback to WWE. He’s being given a lot of attention as a babyface since returning from shoulder surgery after Wrestlemania. The fans are fully behind Balor, and his stock continues to rise in the company. WWE officials know what they have with him, and his talent isn’t going to be wasted. If Finn Balor’s isn’t successful in WWE going forward, the reason will not be because of his size and look. [Featured Image by WWE]

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