'Storage Wars' Season 10: Where Have Auctioneers Dan And Laura Dotson Been In 2017?

Storage Wars Season 10 has started out with some of the same storage locker, treasure hunter favorites like Brandi and Jarrod, who sound like this is their last season, a dramatically slimmer Darrell Sheets, minus his son Brandon, and the instigator, Dave Hester, who just wants to stir the pot. But, where have fan favorite auctioneers Dan and Laura Dotson been? The couple recently spoke to TV Ruckus about why they were absent from the show the first couple of episodes of the tenth season. The couple is quite positive about this. They do not want fans to boycott the show. They want the show to last another ten seasons and beyond. “Laura and I enjoy being the Auctioneers on Storage Wars. Team Dotson currently in its tenth season and seven years of auction action and love every moment of it. We are still auctioneering and are a major part of this successful show. We believe that the budget was tight and the network had to make some changes. Hopefully not forever!” In 1993, Dan became the owner of American Auctioneers. When Laura went to an auction in 1996 to bid for some kitchen equipment, and first saw Dan in action, she was mesmerized. It was love at first sight! It was not long before they mutually fell in love and she joined in his business. The rest is history! As much as the popular Dotsons enjoy being on the A&E show, the couple has already expanded their profit centers beyond Storage Wars. In addition to live auctions at storage lockers, the couple is now conducting online auctions! They can have up to ten different auctions in a day. In addition, they are into gold hunting. Dan became obsessed with all of the gold shows on television and wanted to give it a try. Yet, unlike Todd Hoffman and the Gold Rush crew, they are not mining for gold with giant excavators and wash plants that cost more than a house. They are hunting for gold not far from where they live. In addition to gold, they have found other gems, but did not go further into what they have uncovered. Our fans are asking
How can we help get you back full time on #StorageWars ?
RT/ Fav & Tell @AETV & @OriginalProds you want more #TeamDotson pic.twitter.com/82cBm1GpDR — Dan Dotson on A&E (@auctionguydan) May 20, 2017 This ambitious couple doesn’t just stop at gold. They also have been drilling oil! Over a decade ago, the couple purchased an enormous investment property in Kentucky. They teamed up with a Canadian drilling company and soon, those checks were rolling in, as well. Moving & Storage
Auctions Sat & Sun #Gardena & #SantaFeSprings over x70 Vaults
Sold by the Piece
& by the Vault.https://t.co/oNrycaJN9F pic.twitter.com/tEmFxvhhGT — Dan Dotson on A&E (@auctionguydan) May 12, 2017 The couple told International Business Times that their success is about working hard and living the American dream. None of this has ever come easy, as the couple admits that they started out “fighting for every nickel.” They currently have a lot of success after years of working nonstop. “We are the leaders in this modern-day treasure hunting. We bring everybody to the best units. We bring them to the gold and now we’ve got oil, so we’re the perfect example of… if you just keep your eyes open, you keep your nose to the grindstone, you work hard and you’re a leader. And that’s what we are. We’re leading more people to the American dream.” Fantastic first day of filming new season of #StorageWars @AETV
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Wed. 9/8c @storageauctnet @paytheladylaura pic.twitter.com/7PAgbIiP2U — Dan Dotson on A&E (@auctionguydan) May 16, 2017 Great business people are always most successful with diversification, with multiple profit centers. Dan and Laura have so many profit centers that should one be underperforming, another will pick up the slack. This is why they continue to be so cheerful when explaining to fans that Storage Wars has a tighter budget and that is why it took weeks to first see them on the show. When you have a lot of side hustles, you have options. Storage Wars is one of their side hustles and they love it. Have you wondered where Storage Wars fan favorites, Laura and Dan Dotson, have been this season? [Featured Image by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]

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