'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 91 Recap/Review: Things Go South For U7, Gowasu Does GodTube & Roshi Torments Puar

Dragon Ball Super Ep 91 was a pretty satisfying episode overall, with numerous scenes covering the recruitment of the other fighters from the rest of the DB Multiverse. Apart from this, viewers and avid fans of the series got to see an impressive training sequence involving Whis facing off with Goku’s most original move to date. Overall, DBS Episode 91 proved to be yet another build-up episode for the Tournament of Power, but it was highly entertaining nonetheless. Warning! Spoilers ahead! DBS Ep 91 opened with the two Omni-Kings playing a peculiar game of rock, paper, scissors. The two deities quickly got bored, and asked the Grand Priest if the Tournament of Power could start already, according to Todd Blankenship in Kazenshuu. Unfortunately for the two Zenos, however, the Grand Priest informed the Omni-Kings that while Universe 7 has gathered all its fighters for the upcoming tournament, other universes are encountering some difficulties in recruiting their representative warriors. Dragon Ball Super Ep 91 was quite notable due to the fact that many worlds were covered in the episode. For one, viewers were able to see Hit in action. As it turned out, while Cabba was out recruiting the two female Saiyans for the U6 representative team, Hit was also doing some recruiting himself. In DBS Ep 91, viewers were able to see Hit go for Frost, who has been on the run for quite some time. Like I said, Universe 10 getting washed first They tryna go viral while Everyone else training #DragonBallSuper pic.twitter.com/isoZnfZWO1 — khairy the comedian (@OMG_ItsKhairy) May 21, 2017 Being the sly fighter, Frost attempted to catch Hit off-guard, which of course, does not work. The assassin then pitched the Tournament to the fugitive, informing Frost that if he does not cooperate, he would simply destroy him then and there. Frost, of course, opted to accept Hit’s conditions, even if he had to abandon all of his precious poison needles. Updates on the other universes were also shown, such as Universe 9 having trouble with their fighters, as well as Universe 2 holding a contest to see which martial artists would become the representative fighters for the Tournament of Power. Interestingly, Universe 10’s representative team appeared to be fully in-sync, dancing to a routine led by their Angel. The U10 Kai, Gowasu, for his part, seemed to have gone full GodTuber, filming his fighters’ dance in order to get tons of views on his channel. Needless to say, this scene has become meme-worthy among the anime’s fans in online forums such as Reddit. As for Universe 7, however, things have begun to get a little bit complicated. For one, Master Roshi has finally admitted that his malicious mind would be a liability in the Tournament. Unfortunately for Puar, Roshi demanded that he transform into a young girl, so that he could overcome his tendencies. True enough, what followed was Puar mostly throwing Roshi around while the old man admitted that there was no way he could stop himself. Dragon Ball Super episode 91 & 92 spoiler!
new character appeared!https://t.co/EHHTpX0E39 #DragonBallSuper #ドラゴンボール超 pic.twitter.com/a13UWj4jsF — db-goku (@gokublackzamasu) May 21, 2017 Goku has also started training with Whis, with the Angel still noticing the flaws in the Saiyan’s fighting style. In order to counterattack the Angel when he was pinned, Goku opted to use his most original attack to date, biting the Angel until he let go. While the training sequence was definitely done for humor, it is difficult not to be entertained by Goku and Whis’ brief skirmish. On a more serious note, the Universe 7 team has met its first real roadblock, in the form of Buu seemingly being unable to compete. As stated by Mr. Satan in a call to Bulma, the pink fighter has fallen asleep and would not be awake for at least two more months. Thus, Universe 7 has suddenly found itself one fighter short. With Buu apparently gone, Goku took it upon himself to wake the pink fighter up. If recent episode summary leaks are any indication, however, it appears that Buu really would be hibernating, and Goku would be forced to look for other options, regardless of how crazy they might be. There are Dragon Ball Super episodes that try to cram too much content into its brief runtime. Episode 91, however, is not one of these episodes. Perfectly balanced from start to finish, Ep 91 currently stands as one of the most entertaining build-up episodes to date. If the preview for the next episode is any indication, it appears that DBS Ep 92 would be quite exciting as well. [Featured Image by Toei Animation]

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