'Chicago P.D.' Implied Crown Point, Indiana, Is Racist, And The Mayor's Not Happy

The mayor of Crown Point, Indiana, wants the makers of NBC’s Chicago P.D. to apologize for depicting his town as racist in a recent episode of the police drama. The mayor of Crown Point, Indiana, David Uran, is asking NBC for an apology for portraying his town as racist in the May 10 episode of Chicago P.D. While many viewers exploded with outrage over Chicago P.D. implying that Crown Point, Indiana is a racist town that is intolerant of interracial couples, residents of the town are taking to social media to reveal that the NBC show is right about the town being racist. Growing up a person of color in Crown Point, it’s hypocritical how the mayor is appauled at the town being seen as racist from #ChicagoPD. — `Sophia Olazaba (@Sophia_1) May 18, 2017 But the mayor of Crown Point, Indiana wants to hear none of it. Uran, who told the Chicago Tribune that residents had been contacting him to express outrage over the racist portrayal of their town, wants an apology from Chicago P.D. and NBC. In the May 10 episode of Chicago P.D., the police are investigating a murder of a black man who was killed shortly after he had been released from jail for rape. When Chicago P.D. goes to talk to the black man’s aunt, she tells cops that the man and the girl, who was white, were boyfriend and girlfriend. The aunt went on to say that interracial relationships “don’t fly in Crown Point,” implying that Crown Point, Indiana is intolerant to people of color dating or having sex with white individuals. The mayor of Crown Point, Indiana, where nearly 83 percent of its residents are white, found the Chicago P.D. episode “very bizarre,” and called the story line of the NBC show “not true.” Uran went on to allege that Crown Point, Indiana has “never had a case like that” and that the depiction of his town was “a little disturbing.” It’s not a fictious show like #ChicagoPD @MayorUran that makes Crown Point looks racist. It’s Crown Point’s history and modern-day culture. — Ethan Shaw (@EthanSShaw) May 17, 2017 I mean, Crown Point is kind of racist……. https://t.co/vMzOPCjIKJ — dm (@takemyarsenic) May 17, 2017 But hundreds of Crown Point, Indiana residents took to social media to disagree with their mayor, and some reminded him of last year’s widely-publicized case when a Crown Point resident was released from jail for a rape he didn’t commit after spending 25 years in prison, according to the ABC 7 Chicago. Crown Point mayor demands apology from TV show ‘Chicago PD’ for depicting town as racist https://t.co/kesu6tiOvc — WGN TV News (@WGNNews) May 17, 2017 Uran, who is demanding an apology from the creators of Chicago P.D. for the town and its residents, claims the NBC show mislead viewers in its depiction of Crown Point, Indiana. “It is not the way they portrayed the city. All they had to do is change the name.” Crown Point Mayor Wants Apology From ‘Chicago PD’ https://t.co/BF88UNGOPA pic.twitter.com/seZh8EfnlI — Indianapolis Patch (@Indy_Patch) May 17, 2017 Speaking to the Chicago Tribute, Crown Point’s police chaplain described the Chicago P.D. episode as “heavy-handed and condescending,” and accused the NBC show’s writers of laziness. Determined to wipe the racist stains from Crown Point, Indiana’s reputation, the town’s leadership is even inviting the makers of Chicago P.D. to visit their town and see what a beautiful city it is, and apologize in person in the process. ‘Chicago PD’ episode raises Crown Point mayor’s irehttps://t.co/686p41AqTC pic.twitter.com/T8g81c5jEc — nwi.com (@nwi) May 17, 2017 Speros Batistatos, the president and CEO of the South Shore Convention and Visitors Authority, wondered why Chicago P.D. chose to name a real town in a fictional show about a fictional incident. “Why do that unless you are trying to perpetuate a stereotype?” A spokesperson for Chicago P.D., whose email was provided by NBC to the Chicago Tribune, did not immediately responded to the racist controversy surrounding the show and Crown Point, Indiana. The mayor of Crown Point, Ind., wants an apology from “Chicago P.D.” for depicting the city as a racist community https://t.co/6TAcrmop5u pic.twitter.com/Y5RUg9UwEj — Chicago Tribune (@chicagotribune) May 17, 2017 Chicago P.D. aired its finale Episode 23 of Season 4 on Wednesday, May 17. The NBC police drama starring Jason Beghe, Jon Seda, and Sophia Bush was renewed for its fifth season on May 10 – the same day it aired its controversial episode where it implied that Crown Point, Indiana is racist. Chicago P.D. is averaging a solid 8 million viewers each episode. [Featured Image by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images]

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