'Alaskan Bush People' Rumors: Ami Brown's Cancer Diagnosis Reportedly Caused Brown Family To 'Panic'

There’s some pretty tragic news coming out of Alaska — seems as though Ami Brown, one of the stars of Alaskan Bush People, has been diagnosed with cancer. And, the latest Alaskan Bush People rumors suggest that when the diagnosis came to the family, they went into a state of shock. And who wouldn’t, really, given the nature of such a diagnosis? So let’s explore what happened. According to the latest Alaskan Bush People rumors from Radar Online, who exclusively spoke to Ami’s estranged family (who claim that she “abandoned” them after she married her husband, Brown family patriarch Billy Brown),the news could not be more devastating. “It’s really sad,” Les Branson told Radar in an exclusive interview. “She has already suffered so much.” He has yet to share the rumors with his 84-year-old mother, Earlene Branson, who has not seen her beloved daughter in over 30 years. “I haven’t told my mother. I don’t want to upset her,” Les said. “She needs to know eventually, if the rumors are indeed true.” Previously, Ami was diagnosed with cervical radiculitis, which has caused problems with her spine. And, if the rumors about Ami’s new diagnosis turn out to be true, it couldn’t come at a worse time, because her husband — Billy — is also rumored to be in poor health. These Alaskan Bush People rumors weren’t explored before, but it does suggest that this may be why the seventh season of the show will be the last one. RETWEET if you’re watching the #AlaskanBushPeople special episode, starting NOW on @Discovery! pic.twitter.com/VTKARwqxfU — Alaskan Bush People (@AlaskanBushPPL) March 2, 2017 In a previous report for The Inquisitr, we reported that, thanks to the persistent rumors about the “fakeness” of the show — and amidst reports that they received substantial payments for their participation in the show — the seventh season may be the last, if it airs at all. “Haters have targeted the ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Facebook page. However, the family’s loyal fans have rallied behind the Brown family to show their support. A fan said that it doesn’t matter whether the show is fake or not – they love it all the same. Another also said that the show is produced by the entertainment industry, and that it’s enjoyable as just that – ‘entertainment.’ Regardless of what other people say, the show continues to get loyal fans.” The Browns are back TONIGHT 9p with a special about bush ingenuity! #AlaskanBushPeople pic.twitter.com/fpP1tij796 — Alaskan Bush People (@AlaskanBushPPL) March 1, 2017 But not all Alaskan Bush People rumors are bad. As was also previously reported by the Portland, Maine, NBC affiliate, WCSH-TV, 24-year-old Alisha Brooks — who had recently been seen talking to the Brown family — disappeared from her home after she went outside to feed the chickens on her family farm. According to the initial police report, she was last seen talking online to the Brown family (it wasn’t clear if there was any family member in particular that she was talking to) when she left on foot. “She went outside to feed the chickens and it was reported to the Sheriff’s Office that she never returned. She is reported to have taken her cell phone, wallet and borrowed $20.00 from her husband just before going outside. Family and deputies believe that her disappearance might be premeditated. She is reported to have no known mental health issues, and no suicidal statements had been made.” Fortunately, she was found safe and sound shortly after the bulletin was issued, and the search was called off. So, fans of the show, it’s now your turn: what do you think of these latest Alaskan Bush People rumors? Do you think that Ami Brown may have cancer, and is being kept from her family? Leave your thoughts about the latest Alaskan Bush People rumors in the comments below. [Featured Image by Discovery Networks]

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