Abby Lee Miller Insists She's Innocent, Says The Money Brought In Illegally 'Wasn't Mine'

Even though she’s literally days away from being sentenced to federal prison for fraud, Abby Lee Miller insists she’s innocent of the crime she’s been convicted of. This remarkable claim by the former Dance Moms star came from an exclusive interview with NBC New York, in which she not only insisted that the money she brought in from Australia wasn’t hers, but that other Dance Moms stars illegally brought money into the United States. Abby Lee Miller told the respected New York outlet that she, personally, only came in with less than $10,000, which is less than what is legally required to declare to customs. In addition, she also said that several other moms who went on that ill-fated trip with her also came back with money that they didn’t declare, yet they didn’t get in trouble, but she did. “”The moms were out in the lobby area, they are selling the merchandise, taking pictures,” Miller said, noting those transactions were made in cash because they were told “you can’t get a credit card machine in other countries unless you have a bank account in that country, and you rent them from the bank.” If Abby Lee Miller’s assessment is true, this is actually pretty extraordinary. Thanks for tweeting with me. Remember to check out — Abby Lee Miller (@Abby_Lee_Miller) September 14, 2016 But despite this claim, which is nothing if not outrageous, Abby Lee Miller is doing her part to live it up for as long as she has her freedom. According to Jezebel, Miller is doing three paid TV appearances before she heads off to prison. It’s important to note, however, that she had to ask for permission from the Federal judge before she was granted the right to do so. And the outlet went on to insinuate that what Miller claims she has and what she really has are two different things. “Why would Abby Lee Miller need to hustle like this before prison? Wouldn’t you think she’d be using her time to mentally prepare for what will probably end up being, like, five months, max? Part of her sentence required her to pay $160,000 in fines. Something tells me Abby Lee Miller has maybe $1,000 and a basket full of jazz shoes to her name. It all makes sense now. There’s still no date set for when she’ll start her sentence. Apparently said judge feels confident that she’ll make it back as per their orders and that she won’t pack a bag full of caftans and sensible sandals and hightail it for fairer shores.” REMINDER: Mommy & Me this morning at 9:15am! Don’t miss the first class of the new season at #ALDCLA @aldc_official — Abby Lee Miller (@Abby_Lee_Miller) August 27, 2016 Of course, Abby Lee Miller is certainly getting her fair share of partying on before she heads off to jail, too. But according to Oxygen, she’s not exactly crying in her coffee over the fact that she has to serve time. In fact, she actually plans to have a spin-off show after she gets out of jail. “Miller is now considered a felon after hiding income generated from her appearances of Dance Moms and the spin-off Abby Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition. She plans on coping with her sentencing by pretending she’s in a movie. Along with the jail time, she’ll be expected to pay $160,000 in fines. “I’m afraid of being physically abused or raped,” she had said to People about her upcoming punishment. “I have to stay busy. If I thought about it every day, I’d just sit around and cry.” Whatever happens with Abby Lee Miller, we wish nothing but the best for her now and in the future. [Featured Image by Lifetime TV]

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