Steps To Quick Dry Soccer Boots

Soccer boots are especially worn for games like football. These boots help one to take the game to the next level. There are many types of soccer boots like firm ground, soft ground, artificial grass, and hard court. One chooses the type based on the utility being served. Just like other shoe soccer boots, too can get wet and need to be dried up well before playing to enjoy playing.  

Tips to quick dry soccer boots:

  • Remove The Shoe Insoles: If possible, shoe insoles should be removed and put aside for quick dry. By putting different parts of the shoes to dry separately, it makes it easy. One can either warp paper napkins around the insoles or put them in the sun to dry.
  • Using A Damp Towel: A damp towel is used to remove mud or grass. Mud should be removed before it dries out as solid mud takes a lot of time to be dried.
  • Laces can be Loosen: Soccer boots contract when they are dry, which puts great stress on the part of seams. One can go for comfort by loosening the laces. With it the air can smoothly go inside the boots, which makes the drying process quickly.

  • Use Newspapers: Stuffing newspapers inside boots can make the drying process quicker as newspapers prevent soccers from shrinking. Avoid overstuffing newspapers as it leads to bulging.
  • Avoid Heat Or Heating Tools: Direct exposure to heat as it can cause irreversible damage to boots. Thus never be in a hurry to dry up boots with drying machines or put them in the oven as it can damage the leather and decrease its life span.

Thus,to keep the soccer boots in excellent condition for a more extended period, one should follow a proper maintenance regime that makes up for a good game.