Selena Gomez Readying New Album: The Weeknd Making Her Feel Confident & Sexy Again

Selena Gomez feels ready to release a new album and it’s said to be all thanks to The Weeknd, according to reports. Selena Gomez famously checked herself into a rehab facility in Tennessee last year, as mentioned by Us Weekly, blaming her ongoing Lupus condition and battle with anxiety being the reason why she needed to take a break from the music industry and subsequently, cancel her North American tour. Sources say that Selena Gomez was in a really bad mindset in the midst of ending her tour, and going to rehab was one of the wisest things she could have done at the time. But, of course, this hasn’t been the first time that the singer was determined to seek professional help to mend her condition. Fortunately enough, right after she left Tennessee, Selena Gomez started dating The Weeknd, and from what Hollywood Life has claimed, the “Starboy” hitmaker has had a tremendous impact on her life in a positive way. Insiders reveal that Selena Gomez has never been this confident before. The Weeknd has lifted her spirit and supposedly helped her stay on the right path ever since she returned to Los Angeles in November. [Image by Rachel Murray/Getty Images] It’s been a difficult time for Selena Gomez but with her boyfriend by her side, she’s found herself being the happiest she’s ever been in her life. Reports claim that the 24-year-old didn’t even have plans to get in the studio so soon after leaving rehab, but The Weeknd has inspired her to start working again. Having followed him to some of his concerts and traveling the world with him has given Selena Gomez enough confidence to know that gearing up to put out another record, which sources affirm will be her most honest yet, is just the right thing for her at this given time. “Having Abel in her life has given Selena new found strength and confidence. She credits her fresh, sexy romance with making her feel healthier and more alive than ever before,” an insider tells the celebrity news outlet. “Abel’s experience in the industry and his own success have put him in a unique position to give her great advice on her own career decisions. Abel has really made her feel more secure about getting back in the studio and back on stage performing. Also, thanks to being on tour with him and watching his ease doing shows, Selena feels like she might be ready to get back on the road again soon too!” It’s been reported for weeks that Selena Gomez has been busy working on her new album, which is allegedly hitting stores later this year. The former Disney Channel star even had to cut her time with The Weeknd on tour rather short so that she could finalize her studio sessions for a hopeful summer release of her new record, which she has yet to announce to fans. While they have only been dating for six months, Selena Gomez feels so content in her relationship with the 27-year-old, she has allegedly gushed to her family and friends, stressing that she knows The Weeknd is the one who she is going to spend the rest of her life with. [Image by Grant Lamos IV/Getty Images] The duo share many similarities, one of them being that both have suffered anxiety attacks from performing to a large number of crowd, which had questioned them whether choosing a career in music was right for them. They have bonded over so many things together that it’s refreshing for Selena Gomez to be with someone that has shared experiences she’s gone through in recent years. If anything, it’s only made their relationship stronger because she knows that her boyfriend can relate to what she’s been going through. It’s heavily rumored that once the track list for Selena Gomez’s new album is revealed, The Weeknd’s name is most likely going to be seen on one of the tracks, meaning that the twosome would have recorded a collaboration together, which fans certainly wouldn’t be surprised by. [Featured Image by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]

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