Remy Ma Laughs Off Nicki Minaj 'Swish Swish' Diss Track, Plans To Attend BET Awards

Remy Ma is laughing off Nicki Minaj’s new song with Katy Perry, describing it as another attempt to belittle the female rapper but it’s clearly not working. “Swish Swish” is the newest single lifted from Katy’s forthcoming record, Witness, and it just so happens to be featuring Minaj. When looking at the lyrics as a whole, it is evidently clear that the pop princess is taking aim at Taylor Swift, with their own ongoing four-year-long feud, while Nicki felt the need to reignite her beef with Remy Ma one more time on her own verse. But upon having heard the new record from Minaj and Perry, Remy Ma was far from impressed, telling friends that the 34-year-old continues to show the world that she’s far from the self-proclaimed Queen of Rap that she likes to call herself. Remy Ma wasn’t phased by anything that Nicki mentioned on the song, such as the amount of money she continues to get despite being dragged into feuds with people that carry nowhere near the amount of success or fame that she has. [Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images] To Remy Ma, according to Hollywood Life, she’s baffled as to why this has now been the fourth song that the “Moment for Life” rapper has tried to respond to the unforgettable “Shether” diss track, Billboard reports, which has since been named one of the greatest hip-hop songs of this decade. Remy Ma is convinced that Nicki is bothered by the fact that “Shether” was so heavily praised, so in order for her to feel like she’s winning on the same caliber, the “Starships” hitmaker is working with huge artists to throw her subliminal digs, and, of course, once the song begins to chart, that’s when Nicki is known to boast about record sales. Remy Ma is simply tired of hearing about Nicki’s album and record sales. Simply put, she thinks she’s much better than Minaj, not just at rapping but also at carrying herself in a delicate manner. She’s said what she wanted to say and left it at that, but Nicki still seems to be angered by the fact that Remy Ma more or less humiliated her on her “Shether” track. “Remy’s still waiting for Nicki to drop a diss track on her own, woman-to-woman like a G bi**h is suppose to,” a source tells Hollywood Life. “Then maybe, just maybe, Remy will have a little shred of respect for Nicki. But that’s doubtful. If this new song with Katy is the best Nicki can do, Remy feels sorry for her.” On top of that, sources tell the celebrity news outlet that the BET Awards are just weeks away, and producers seem to be certain that both Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma will be attending the event — fans are already wondering what kind of drama will erupt with the two stars being in the same building together. [Image by Larry Busacca/Getty Images] But, again, Remy Ma isn’t scared of Nicki Minaj in the slightest. The “Shether” diss record had come and gone and Remy Ma has already moved past the point of still talking about it and does she want to continuously have to respond to something that Nicki has said. Make no mistake that Remy Ma will most certainly be attending the BET Awards in the hopes that she’ll be walking away with the Best Female Rap/Hip-Hop Artist. “Remy’s planning on showing up at BET in front of everybody who’s somebody in the game, and you best believe she’s going to be on that stage presenting or something. Make no mistake, she’s going to full on blast Nicki to her face, in front of everyone, and dare Nicki to say something. That’s how it’s done, son!” Remy Ma has no plans to respond to Nicki’s latest diss on Katy Perry’s “Swish Swish” record. [Featured Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]

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