Katy Perry 'American Idol' Judge: Hired To Be New Simon Cowell On ABC Reboot?

Katy Perry seems to have been hired as a judge on American Idol because of her fierce and feisty attitude the last time she appeared on the show, it’s been reported. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, the outlet is convinced that the main reason why Katy Perry was one of the first names that ABC wanted on the revamped platform, aside from her popularity, was because she has a great personality but can also be very tough on the contestants. The celebrity gossip sites notes that the last time Katy Perry made an appearance on American Idol as a guest judge in 2009, while she was bubbly at times, she gave off the impression that she wasn’t going to let any of the other judges walk over her, nor would she be kind to contestants if they couldn’t sing well enough. “She wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns like her pop persona. In fact, Katy Perry was rude to the contestants,” CDL reports. “She was so rude that she threatened to throw a coke in one person’s face. She also had a feud with former judge Kara DioGuardi. She was hailed as the female Simon Cowell when she was on. Imagine if Simon Cowell threatened someone. It wouldn’t end well.” From their insiders, it seems as if ABC execs really wanted Katy Perry because they know that she can be as good as gold but also share a rather feisty side of herself — one that will let people know she’s not to be messed with. [Image by Rich Fury/Getty Images] If anything, it would seem like Katy Perry is going to be a judge that follows in the footsteps of Simon Cowell, in the sense that she can be mean and sweet at the same time, with the end goal being that her constructive criticism can help the contestants better themselves as singers. “During her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, she noted that Idol is all about constructive criticism, which she claims to be good at. If being rude to contestants counts as offering constructive criticism.” It’s being alleged that Katy Perry was offered $15 million to take part in the revamped version of the show, which premieres early 2018. The audition stages will be taped later this year, and though Katy plans on touring near the end of 2017, the American Idol dates will work around her schedule to make sure they don’t conflict with her working duties. It’s going to be a quite demanding job for Katy Perry since she’s planning on touring the world, TMZ reveals, which will evidently mean she’ll continuously fly back and forth from country to country in order to make the tapings for the talent show once American Idol reaches the live stage. News of Katy Perry being hired to be the female version of Simon Cowell on American Idol comes just days after the singer released her subtle Taylor Swift diss track titled “Swish Swish,” featuring Nicki Minaj. [Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images] The overall message of the song notes that Katy will not back down from a “sheep,” who should have already come to the conclusion that the “Bon Appetit” singer is going to continue being successful regardless of how many bullies try to bring her down. In the midst of causing controversy with the lyrics of the song, Taylor Swift is working hard to finish up her own album, which she’s been recording out in Nashville since January. It’s unclear whether the new record will see a release this year, but now that Katy Perry has reignited their feud, Taylor may very well return to the studio and pen a response to the “Roar” songstress before she turns the finalized songs to her record label. [Featured Image by Rich Fury/Getty Images]

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