'Big Brother 19' Rumors: America Will Vote From A Pool Of 30 Potential Houseguests, Fans Decide The Cast

Big Brother 19 is set to reveal the new cast in about 30 days. New spoilers tease that they may not reveal the cast but give America the chance to vote 16 people of a pool of 30-50 potential houseguests, giving BB19 the ultimate power to decide the cast for the 2017 summer season. The ‘BB19’ Rumor Started On Reddit According to Daniel on Twitter, the conspiracy theory (which was originally posted on a Reddit) deals with a video of a young attractive girl named Erin, who by all accounts looked exactly like a human Barbie doll. The man videotaping asks Erin to come talk to him on tape, but she refuses. She tells him to “watch Big Brother 19,” and he can see her there. The man was obviously shocked and asked her if she was going to be on Big Brother 19. She turns to him and says, “Vote for me.” The video led to a host of rumors about Big Brother 19. Assuming Erin was telling the truth about being in the running to be on BB19, she probably won’t be on the show now. CBS doesn’t allow the cast to talk to anyone about being cast or the casting process. So, by talking to the man on the street, Eric threw away her chances of being on Big Brother. America Votes For The Cast? Twitter believes that Erin could have spoiled a major twist. Is it possible that CBS will gather up a pool of 30-50 potential houseguest and have the Big Brother fans vote for 16 people they think would be good for the show? Just 40 More Days until @CBSBigBrother Premieres! Are you ready?! #BB19 #BBCAN5 pic.twitter.com/RrHWfAxmp7 — TheBBInsider (#BB19) (@TheBBInsider) May 19, 2017 Many Big Brother fans have been upset with the show in recent years. They have expressed their disappointment in the series’ casting process. The BB19 fans want to see less recruited and returning players and more people who apply to be on the show. So, this rumored scoop could be interesting a step in the right direction. That’s if, it is true, of course. Big Brother 19 Starts Later, Giving Potential Houseguests Time To Campaign? Big Brother 19 starts almost a week later than it usually does, which adds to the speculation that the Reddit rumor may be true. Many suggested that the later start time may be to give the potential houseguest time to campaign to America to pick them. Of course, this is all based on a social media rumor and CBS has not confirmed any of this information. Can’t wait #BB19 ????????♥️ pic.twitter.com/L62DzOa8bE — J???? (@Jaayliit) April 8, 2017 Previously, Big Brother would start at the end of June, ending around September 19. In the past few years, the show added a week or two to the season. Instead of spending 89 days on the show, the houseguest would spend 99 to 105 days in the house. A Shake-Up Is Needed, According To Julie Chen The Chenbot has said a few times since Big Brother 18 ended last year that the series may need to be revamped as the twist has gotten a little stale in the past few years. One of Julie’s suggestions was to force the houseguest to stay awake from 10 am to 11 pm because on the complaints she repeatedly saw on Twitter was that the cast slept all day. Additionally, another idea she had was to give the CBS All Access members more control over the game like in Big Brother: Over The Top. CBS has not revealed any real information about Big Brother 19 other than the semi-finalist were contacted. Big Brother 19 fans, do you think the rumor of America gets to vote for the cast is true? Do you think BB19 will be all new players, all-stars, or a mix of the two? Big Brother 19 returns to CBS June 28 with a two-hour premiere. [Featured Image by Image Group LA/ABC via Getty Images]

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