Beyonce: Why She Won't Respond To Amber Rose Insinuation Jay Z Cheated On Singer With Former Stripper

Beyonce is no fan of Amber Rose after the socialite joked she was “Becky with the short hair,” insinuating she had slept with Jay Z. The comment was made on Twitter earlier this week, according to Daily Mail, and after Beyonce’s fans were quick to slam Amber for trying to imply that she shared a sexual relationship with the “Hard Knock Life” rapper, she would later go on to claim that her social media account was hacked. Of course, at that point, it seemed as if nobody believed the former stripper, with many people stressing that Amber needed a way to get out of the situation she had put herself in, and the easiest way to do so is by simply saying her account had been hacked, The Daily Beast continued. It turns out that Beyonce got wind of the tweet, and according to sources, not only didn’t Beyonce find it funny, she was sickened and angered by the comment. “Becky with the good hair” was the original line from the singer’s “Don’t Hurt Yourself” track, which Beyonce famously calls one of Jay Z’s alleged mistresses. To this day, sources believe the line was aimed at fashion designer Rachel Roy, who Jay Z was said to have shared a close relationship with during and before he got with Beyonce. Regardless of which person it was aimed at, what seems apparent is that Beyonce was making it known that her husband had cheated on her, before adding near the end of the song that, “if you try this sh** again, you gonna lose your wife.” [Image by Theo Wargo/Getty Images] So when Beyonce heard about Amber Rose making jokes about being “Becky with the good hair,” it seemed in poor taste to the “Formation” singer, who felt as if the mother-of-one was desperately trying to create headlines for herself to sustain relevancy in the media. The move to somewhat insinuate Rose had slept with Jay Z was far from humorous, with sources telling Hollywood Life that Beyonce was outraged, telling those around her that she thinks Amber is utterly desperate and attention-seeking to be talked about in the press. “Beyonce thinks the only thing Amber should be talking about and thinking about is how she is going to extend her career without tying herself to others who are successful and actually have talent,” one insider tells the news outlet. “Whether Amber was hacked or not, Beyonce believes Amber uses people for her own benefit. She should know that she has come up to her 15 minutes of fame and shouldn’t be expecting a 16th minute on Beyonce’s watch!” [Image by Mike Coppola/Getty Images] It seems as if the last thing Beyonce needed right now is to hear the likes of Amber Rose imply that they had sex with her husband, especially now that Beyonce is pregnant with twins. It’s not that Beyonce was concerned about whether or not Jay Z had slept with the socialite, it was more so related to the fact that Beyonce has not had an easy time carrying her twin babies, and with her hormones being all over the place, the “Sandcastles” songstress can’t deal with shenanigans like these. It’s ridiculous for Beyonce to think that a growing woman, with a child of her own, would be implying that she may have had sex with Jay Z, but as Hollywood Life has stressed, it doesn’t seem as if Beyonce will ever want to give in to Amber’s wishes in extending her 15 minutes of fame. Beyonce is just weeks away before she gives birth to her twins. Sources say she’s expected to pop in June — now that she’s nearing her due date, the soon-to-be mother-of-three is staying away from social media and any further outings to fully concentrate on the exhausting birth she’s preparing herself for. What do you make of Beyonce’s alleged comments about Amber Rose? Are they valid? [Featured Image by Jason Miller/Getty Images]

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