Role Of Cpi And Cpa In Digital Marketing

Being an app owner can be stressful at the time especially when you need to find the perfect strategy for your product. Here, we are going to give you a brief about two methods used in digital marketing for app promotion. Wondering what these include?

Cost per Install (CPI) in digital marketing

The first method is CPI where the budget of advertising can be measured. In this method, the publishers will be charged only for the number of downloads for that particular application. So, with the method, the app stores will gain the required visibility for their app.

Cost per Action (CPA) in digital marketing

This is the method where a price needs to be paid for those actions which are completed by the users. These could include tasks like making a purchase, watching a tutorial or completing some other tasks. You can decide to buy app downloads after deciding on the method you want to adopt for your app.

Some benefits offered by CPI

  • The installs are guaranteed and you get what you have paid for

so, if you are looking out for downloads then that is exactly what you will get.

  • The main audience of your app will be targeted

the ad that you have will be shown to those potential users who share a similar interest in those apps that you have to offer to your audience out there.

What are the benefits of CPA?

  • Quality leads are increased

here, the affiliate will get paid only when the user takes some action on the site. So, they make sure that they target their audience and promote different offers.

  • It can be helpful in designing a budget plan

based on your estimates you can go ahead and plan your budget well. You might have planned on a certain action but that will depend on how high chances you have to obtain revenues.

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