Billy Bush Breaks His Silence On Donald Trump, The Famous Tape, NBC Firing Him, And His Comeback Plan

It’s been nearly seven months since that now infamous Access Hollywood recording got Billy Bush fired and the former Today host finally breaks his silence about Donald Trump. Billy will never forget the day that changed his life, October 7, 2016. An 11-year-old tape of a lewd conversation between him and Donald Trump in which the now, POTUS bragged about sexually assaulting women and Bush egged him on. The tape was leaked to The Washington Post. Bush recalls spending almost two weeks trying to save his job at Today, only to learn they really had no choice but to let him go. NBC had to separate themselves from the controversy surrounding the tape. According to THR, Billy recalled asking NBC to allow him to address the tape on air and apologize for his part in it. Initially, NBC welcomed the idea, only to tell him later that he wouldn’t be able to come back to his position, ever. “I would have welcomed addressing the audience.” Within a matter of days, he was suspended from the Today show. Only seven days following the tape’s release, Bush was fired from his show and handed a multi-million dollar severance package. “If you start from the day everything happened, Friday, Oct. 7, it was just instant shock,” Billy explained. “Things were happening way too fast, and a media circus developed. I’ve never been the type that the paparazzi would be interested in. So that early part was just chaos. But then things progressed, and when you have a big, traumatic event, you go through stages, and it led to acceptance and understanding. And then I found myself in a place of soul searching. And I developed a commitment to become a better, fuller man.” Billy said that when it first came out, he believed that he would work things out and return to the Today show. He put together an apology and took responsibility for his part in the tape. When it became clear he wouldn’t return, he recalled feeling devastated and hurt. THR Cover: Billy Bush breaks his silence on Trump, the ‘Access Hollywood’ tape, NBC and a comeback plan (Exclusive) — Hollywood Reporter (@THR) May 21, 2017 Bush’s apology would have helped people deal with part of the tape’s release and may have pushed the blame more on Trump, than his back. “I would have said, “I am deeply embarrassed. I sit before you every morning, and I have on a different show [Access Hollywood Live] many mornings, and I hope you know the person you’re looking at and have developed an opinion about is [the real me]. You aren’t wrong about that. I am ashamed. Going forward, you can be sure that I will not participate in anything like that. And I will keep my eyes out and do what I can to stop it from happening.” Billy admitted that it was hard for him to deal with the fact that he got fired and Trump was elected president of the United States. He felt as if he was punished severely enough for the both of them, and Trump was rewarded by handing him the presidency. “Looking back on what was said on that bus, I wish I had changed the topic. I wish I had said: “Does anyone want water?” or “It looks like it’s gonna rain.”‘ According to People, Bush said that he wasn’t shocked by Trump’s comments because he is a provocateur. “Shocking statements flow like wine from him. And he likes to captivate an audience,” Billy added. Billy Bush breaks his silence about Donald Trump and the infamous Access Hollywood tape. [Image by D Dipasupil/Getty Images] Bush claimed that the notion that the talk between them was just “locker-room banter,” is not true. He said that he is in many locker rooms and surrounds himself with athletes [being a journalist] and that is not the type of conversation he’s ever heard anywhere else. Billy added that he doesn’t have any type of personal relationship with Trump, so he isn’t sure what type of person he is. He would hope that their exchange was a one-time-deal. However, Bush believes that this is who Trump is, he really believes he can do whatever he wants because “he is a star.” “I was shocked and alarmed and totally and completely gutted. It was awful. And my participation was awful, too. I remember that guy, he was almost sycophantic. It was my first year as co-host of Access Hollywood, and I was an insecure person, a bit of a pleaser, wanting celebrities to like me and fit in.” As for what’s ahead for Billy Bush, he is eying his future and his comeback to a job he loves. I plan to return to the job that I love, which is television, communicating, interviewing people. I have changed in a way that I think will make me better at my job. “I plan to return to the job that I love, which is television, communicating, interviewing people,” Bush explained. “I have changed in a way that I think will make me better at my job.” Do you think NBC made the right decision when they fired Billy Bush for his role in the tape? [Featured Image by Craig Barritt/Getty Images]

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