Murmansk oil storage facilities on fire

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Jan 21 2014

One of fuel tanks owned by OOO First Murmansk Terminal is on fire. The smoke is covering the city.

The fire alert was announced at 14:06 local time, January 21. Eight fire brigades are fighting the blaze.

Tank # 12 containing 1.800 cubic metres of fuel is on fire. Adjacent tanks are being drained, reports Murmansk Emercom. 

Some media reports claim one man was injured. There is no risk of explosion. The fire has been marked as ‘of increased complexity’. 
The entire area is now blocked by policemen.
The oil storage facilities were put into operation in the 70s to secure fuel provision for the vessels of fishing and trawl fleets.

The facilities are situated in a hilly area, and its oil tanks are thus placed on two plots of different altitude – a lower and upper plot. It is the upper plot where an oil tank caught fire.
UPD from Murmansk Emercom: As of 21:11 local time, Tuesday, the fire has been fully extinguished. 
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