Russia to define its Arctic policy

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Jan 17 2013

Russian Ministry on Regional Development submits a legislative proposal to establish institutional conditions for Arctic development.

The document will be integrated into the Russia’s state programme on ‘Regional Policy and Federative Relations’ which is to be implemented in 2013-2020.

The proposed sub-programme brings together several ministries and federal agencies to establish ‘institutional conditions for complex economic and social development of the Russia’s Arctic zone’, as official parlance puts it. The draft document outlines various activities that are expected to introduce a cluster-based policy in the Russia’s Arctic, reports the Ministry. 

In the meantime, another legislative initiative – the federal bill 'On the Arctic Zone' – will be submitted to the Russian Duma in March 2013 the latest. This document will define geographical boundaries of the Russia’s Arctic and make up a detailed list of all towns and municipalities of which the zone is comprised. In February, public hearings will be held in support of the bill.
Illustration: the Arctic area by Wikimedia Commons. Cropped, re-designed