Mixed soldiers for Arctic brigade

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Sep 18 2012

Russia will secure its national defense in the Arctic with conscripts and contract soldiers. The brigade will be packed up by 2015.

The composition of the brigade is likely to be mixed, said the deputy Defense Minister Dmitry Bulgakov. He assures that special cold-weather apparel has already been developed.

Exact location of the brigade is yet unknown. “It could be Murmansk, Arkhangelsk or elsewhere,” the Ministry commented. It is however reported that motorized infantry will find its base in the closed military town of Pechenga which is located close to the border of Norway and Finland.

Earlier this month, an ex-director of FSB and a present Secretary of Russia’s Security Council Nikolay Patrushev said Russia is planning to establish an Arctic base for the navy fleet. “We have made a list of key objects of twofold purpose that would secure Russia’s national interests and measures of state support to Russian organisations running activities in the seas and rivers”.

Patrushev says some legislative acts have been amended to adjust regulation of trade navigation along the Northern Sea Route.

First Arctic brigade may appear in 2015. The Arctic expects 20 frontier stations to be installed. 
Photo: military products produced in the Murmansk region during warfare of 1941-1945. Exhibited at the local historic museum.