Arctic Harbour discussions underway

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May 16 2012

Wednesday, Marina Kovtun re-starts discussions with a Moscow-based investor which is about to develop a passengers’ terminal in the Murmansk port.

Murmansk authorities and ZAO Olympic City are revising investment options for the project that involves contribution of both state and private funds.

Last year, the project was included into a “preparation plan of activities” related to the oncoming centennial anniversary of the city of Murmansk. Accordingly, Russia’s federal budget allots RUB 1.159 bln, Murmansk regional budget joins the project with RUB 130 mln, while ZAO Olympic City as a private investor drops RUB 2.9 bln into the piggy bank.

- We need to analyze it scrupulously whether all our existing plans are realistic. Each and every rouble should be counted, and we should get a clear picture of the spendings, Kovtun said.

The project promoted under a brand name of “Arctic Harbour” should be accomplished by symbolical 2016 when Murmansk grows 100 years old. If everything goes as planned, the project will raise proper port infrastructure for accepting cruise vessels and ferries.

Murmansk is presently not equipped for passenger cruisers. Vessels have to call at cargo terminals instead. Furthermore, the port is lacking in a proper border point for international voyagers.

Photo: a cruiser moored to the terminal of the fishing port