Tax Free: good for Russia?

Dmitry Medvedev proposed the introduction of Russian Tax Free, but it is hardly to come true. The government is looking for new ways to keep business buoyant.

Few days left to make confession

More than 50 thousand Russians have already notified the Federal Migration Service that they have foreign citizenship or a residence permit. The deadline to do it is October 4.

Murmansk port officially open for foreign vessels

Chairman of Russian Government Dmitry Medvedev signs a list of internationally friendly ports into law.

Norway’s ambassador visited Murmansk

Leydulv Atle Namtvedt noted that he had participated in the development of cooperation in the Barents region since 90s and visited Murmansk many times.

Rosneft asks government to get in gear

To speed up the creation of an oil and gas cluster on the base of a shipyard in the Murmansk region, "Rosneft" requests the government to give necessary instructions to relative state agencies.

Small business to have a break

The government is going to offer individual and small businesses a two-year tax break in exchange for their legalizing.

Rosneft discovered a new hydrocarbon field in the Kara Sea

Rosneft successfully completed the drilling of the northernmost well in the world – the Universitetskaya-1 well in the Arctic.

New ski slope in Pechenga district

The residents of the bordering Norway northernmost part of the Murmansk region will get a new sports facility: a ski trail and a slope.

Old taxes, new rates

Together with the budget for the next three years, the Russian government approved a number of tax changes. Some of them came as a surprise for entrepreneurs.

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About SIVA

Siva – The Industrial Development Corporation of Norway is the governmental corporation and national instrument founded in 1968. Siva is owned by Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Fishery. Siva aims to develop strong regional and local industrial clusters through ownership in infrastructure, investment and knowledge networks as well as innovation centers. Siva has been in Northwest Russia since 1992. This activity aims to increase trade between Norway and Russia. Siva aims to increase trade between Norway and Russia. The local office is located in Polar Star Innovation Centre, address: Podgornaya 92 Murmansk. 

Siva has six specific concepts running at the moment:

1. Polar Star Innovation Centre offering commercial office space 3000 m2
2. incubator space in the Soft Landing Incubator Polar Star Innovation Centre 
3. Norsketableringssenter with competence about local suppliers of services and service oriented towards Norwegian SMEs that need physical establishment in the region 
4. Innovation Cooperation between Norway and Russia through a separate program  
5. Technopark Nor, a logistics and business center established at the airport in Murmansk in close cooperation with Innovation Norway – Fund.  
6. BarentsNova website  


International adviser Alma Karabeg, Mobile phone +47 481 81 033

International adviser Sergey Shuvalov, Mobile phone +47 920 29 035

Senior Vice President International Geir Reiersen, Mobile phone +47 913 83 161

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