Finland secures its presence in Murmansk

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Mar 21 2012

Barents Centre Finland launches its activities in Murmansk. The opening ceremony was held Tuesday.

The Centre will render information assistance to businessmen eyeing international cooperation within the Barents region. Barents Center Finland appoints Finpro as its official representative in North West of Russia

The Northern Finnish cities - Oulu, Rovaniemi, Tornio-Kemi, Kokkola, Raahe and Kemijarvi, counties and universities formed Barents Center Finland exactly one year ago. The main aim was to promote Finnish Arctic competence in mining, on-and off-shore, energy efficiency, energy saving, water purification, waste water and waste management within the Russian Barents area.

Barents Center Finland works closely with the Finnish State and local authorities in coordinating Barents region issues. lt works to enhance the visibility of Finnish Businesses in North West of Russia and acts for the improvement of the transports and logistics networks in the area and helps small and medium sized enterprises in their efforts to become more international.

“lt was actually the Head of the Murmansk City Administration Mr. Andrey Sysoev, who made the initial suggestion in fall 2011, during our meeting in Murmansk, that Barents Center Finland should open a representation office in Murmansk. The idea was strongly supported by the Government of the Murmansk Region, Victor Gorbunov, so then we just had to find a partner. The Finnish Consul in Murmansk, Mr. Martti Ruokokoski shared his vision and ideas of the suitable partner and in the end the choice was given, which was Finpro. It is a match, which has all the up-sides" Martti Hahl, President of Barents Center Finland.

“Finpro is a global organization promoting the growth and success of Finnish companies in the international market and is working closely with Ministry of Employment and Economy and Ministry for Foreign Affairs and other organizations of Finnish innovation ecosystem. Finland has traditionally been the natural trade partner of Russia, and for Finpro and Finnish companies, Russia is a very significant market", said Matti Rasimus, Head of Machinery Industry, Finpro.

“The level of Finnish arctic engineering is globally very high. The most potential area in Russia for future development is the North West with Murmansk being the hub comprising all the elements of interest like oil, gas, mining, on-shore, off-shore and general infrastructure. When we at Finpro Murmansk got the possibility to be a port of the Finnish North, Barents and Arctic development ideas with Russia, it was crystal clear to take on the duty", said Mr. Andrey Kletrov, Specialist in Arctic Oil & Gas projects, Finpro, Murmansk.

Finpro and Barents Center Finland will act together as match makers for SMEs as well as large global enterprises operating in the North West of Russia.

Finland is one of biggest trade partners of the Murmansk region. However, the volumes of direct Finland's investments into Murmansk are relatively very low if compared to Norway.
Photo: Finnish delegation at SIVA centre, Murmansk