Barents women without borders

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Feb 11 2012

February, 11, Ogni Murmanska hotel.

The international conference – Barents Women Without Borders (BWWB) – is to discuss international cooperation issues, share new ideas and open a portal for development of international projects.

The event is about to bring together around 40 women representing small and medium businesses.

The goal of the BWWB meeting is to establish some sort of a community that would facilitate international projects and develop new business spheres.

The oncoming conference is based on two earlier meetings: Women Competence Cooperation Exchange 1.0 (in Murmansk) and Women Competence Cooperation Exchange 2.0 (in Tromso).

The BWWB project is managed by Hanne Sofie Roaldsen.
Photo: Hanne Sofie via Facebook.