Arkhangelsk up for a deep-water port

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Aug 10 2011

In light of solemn accolade to move Northern Sea Route administration to Arkhangelsk, the region is planning a construction of a deep-water sea port of 28 mln tons cargo capacity.

Arkhangelsk is reporting the plans to construct a deep-water sea port in Sukhoye More bay of the White Sea. The new port is believed to become a crucial link in logistics system and to develop Russia's foreign trade transportation. The port will also contribute to development of Northern Sea Route, say Arkhangelsk authorities. 

These days, the official public gathered up in Arkhangelsk to praise the idea of entitling the region with a status of the capital of Northern Sea Route. - We have an ice-breakers fleet, and we can deliver a vessel to any place in the Arctic area, said Artur Chilingarov, a Russian polar explorer. There needs to be a proper base point; and I think the capital of Northern Sea Route should be Arkhangelsk again. The city has all possibilities for that.

Boris Gryzlov, the chairman of Russian State Duma and the mainstream political party - the United Russia - was also there to support this idea: - When we were considering a revival of the Northen Sea Route, we were connecting it with Arkhangelsk. (...) Arkhangelsk is definitely the place where Arctic exploration will start from.

Noteworthy, the United Russia puts the development of the Northern Sea Route on the priority projects list of the political party, while some experts believe that speculations about the port construction is nothing but pre-election campaign of the party that presently faces a rating plummet down to 46%. There are no calculations or deadlines available to public for the deep-water port construction; few media sources reported 2011 to be the start for construction works, however the information is not confirmed.

Meanwhile, Erik Lahnstein, the deputy foreign minister of Norway, is taking a week-long trip along the Northern Sea Route in a company of Arctic Council delegation. - Norway, as one of the main investors in the Arctic area, sees commercial interest in opportunities of the sea route connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans in the northen hemisphere, says Lahnstein.
Map: Google maps, Sukhoye More bay