Murmansk awaits for Korean investors

Stratiy: "This is not the first meeting with South Korean partners this year, and I'm sure that the fruitful dialogue will be followed by the arrival of investors"

Marina Kovtun wins the governor elections

The Precinct Election Commissions of the Murmansk region handled almost all the 192,694 ballots cast by voters (a little over 31 % of them came to the polling stations). According to the results, Marina Kovtun gained 64.69 %

Great expectations for Murmansk as Hotel Arktika reopens its doors

The old Hotel Arktika in Murmansk was officially reopened this weekend as Azimut Hotel Murmansk. The move is seen by many as a sign of positive development in Murmansk. 

Russian and Norwegian researchers sign up for cooperation

An agreement on cooperation was signed between the Russian Geographical Society and the Norwegian research institution Akvaplan-niva.

Will fitness be 'on the house'?

The changed expounding of entrepreneurs' social duties encourages business to spend more money for sports and fitness activities of their employees. 

Yamal LNG follows the schedule

Mikhelson: The shareholders have invested more than 200 billion rubles in the project. Another 80 billion will come before the end of 2014, and no sanctions would affect our plans.

Matvienko: lower NSR rates for fish

The Northern Sea Route may well become the main transport artery for the delivery of marine living resources to the European part of Russia.

Russian petroleum industry needs Norwegian technology

“Russia will need Norwegian technology also in the years to come,” says the head of the Russian trade mission to Norway, Tamara Chernysheva “We are doing our uttermost in order to maintain cooperation in the sphere of Russo-Norwegian business”.

Arctic affairs change supervisors

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree "On the Abolition of the Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation". The specific northern issues will be solved in the general order.

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