Richard Rojas May Have Been Under Influence Of Synthetic Marijuana When He Mauled Down Civilians [Breaking]

Richard Rojas has been identified as the man who rammed a vehicle into a crowd of civilians in New York’s Time Square Thursday afternoon, killing one young woman and injuring several others. Twenty-six year old Rojas is a U.S. army veteran who lives in the Bronx. He was a Naval officer from 2011 to 2015. Richard reportedly made it over three blocks before crashing into a street fixture and coming to a stop. According to Daily Mail, he could have been under the influence of synthetic marijuana, and though he has two DWI’s on his record, he was given a breathalyzer at the police station which confirmed that no alcohol had been in his system. He’s currently being tested for a range of legal and illegal drugs. It is believed Rojas wanted to pull a “suicide by cop” because police say he told them, “You were supposed to shoot me!” Rojas also expressed his desire to end lives by proclaiming, “I wanted to kill them!” Rojas’ friends have been questioned by authorities and they said that when they saw him earlier this week, he appeared cheerful. He’d been in a good mood because he recently had his Honda returned to him after a period of being unable to pay for the car. One friend, Harrison Ramos, said that Richard has been different ever since ending his time serving in the military. “He finally came home, and it was hard for him to find a job. He was having a lot of bad nightmares. He was talking crazy. He was acting strange.” On Wednesday night, Rojas had been out drinking with pals. On Thursday morning, he at some point decided to drive his car into a crowd of innocent people in bustling Manhattan. Sources say that despite acting happy earlier this week, Richard Rojas was arrested last week for holding a man at knifepoint. Before police could intervene, he’d asked the man, “do you feel safe?” This behavior certainly supports one of the friend’s accounts that Rojas had been acting unusual. [Featured Image by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]

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