Infowars' Alex Jones Settles Chobani Lawsuit, Forced To Give A Full Retraction And Apologize For Rape Comments

Ring-wing radio host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones now claims he settled a lawsuit with Chobani, despite having said that he would “never back down” in the defamation of character case, CNN Reported. Jones apologized for the previous Infowars report that accused yogurt maker Chobani of supporting ‘migrant rapist” who spread disease in the company’s home base in Idaho. In his video message, which was posted on YouTube on Wednesday, Alex admitted that he made certain statements on his show that he now realizes aren’t true. He apologized to the yogurt maker and offered a full retraction of his inflammatory statement. “The tweets and video have now been retracted and will not be re-posted. On behalf of InfoWars, I regret that we mischaracterized Chobani, its employees and the people of Twin Falls, Idaho, the way we did,”the Infowars host said. The lawsuit ordeal began in April when Alex suggested that refugees employed by the yogurt giant, Chobani committed sex crimes and caused an increase in disease in Twin Falls, the location of Chobani’s main factory in the United States. Alex Jones backed down again. Radio host and conspiracy theorist apologizes to Chobani to settle defamation suit — Chicago Tribune (@chicagotribune) May 18, 2017 Jones promptly changed the title of one of the videos that were initially named “Idaho yogurt maker caught importing migrant rapist” after Chabani threatened the right-wing radio host with a lawsuit. In the video, Infowars reporter, David Knight stated that two refugee teen were convicted of raping a young child and credited Chobani founder, Handi Ulukaya as the man who brought them to the States to work. The young teens never said nor implied that the yogurt maker had any part in encouraging them to commit such a horrific act on the five-year-old girl. In the end, Chobani sued Alex over the video and it looks like the lawsuit has been settled. The exact terms of the financial settlement have not been revealed, and Chobani rep refused to comment any further. Previously, Alex Jones claimed the lawsuit was just an attempt to silence him and he would never back down. [WSJ] Chobani vs. Alex Jones: The yogurt maker hits the media provocateur with a defamation suit. — Indian Editorials (@IndianEditorial) May 1, 2017 The company had no other choice but file a lawsuit against Alex Jones for his dangerous accusations. Chobani filed a lawsuit in Idaho District Court in Twin Falls. According to Independent, earlier this year, Chobani’s boss received the Ellis Island Medal of Honour, given by the National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations for people who “have distinguished themselves within their own ethnic groups.” Jones offered an apology stating that he regretted mischaracterising Chobani, its employees, and the people of Twin Falls. As part of the settlement, Jones had to apologize to Chobani. This retraction and apology is the second one he has had to issue in 2017. In March, Alex admitted that his previous claim stating a child sex ring linked to Hillary Clinton’s aide was being run out of a Washington pizza eating establishment were “completely false.” Infowars had referred to the made up scandal as “Pizzagate.” Several weeks ago, Jones’ lawyer claimed that his on-air persona was just a character. His attorney said that Alex is a performance artist and compared judging him for what he says on his show to judging Jack Nicholson for one of his roles. Chobani sues Alex Jones for disparaging claims about refugee workers — KESZ (@OfficialKesz) April 27, 2017 Jones later told the court that he is not playing a persona or character. He believes in what he says on Infowars and believes in “promoting American freedom.” In the end, Jones lost primary custody of his three children to his ex-wife. Alex Jones is not having a good year. He’s had two lawsuits and one custody battle, and the year is not even halfway over yet. Infowars radio host, Jones offered a full retraction of his statements about Chobani and added that he will never report the story on them again. What do you think about Alex Jones’ settlement with Chobani? [Featured Image by Littleny/Shutterstock]

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