Aaron Hernandez Called Fellow Inmate His Heart And Wanted To Share Cell With Him, New Letters Reveal

Aaron Hernandez’s funeral may have been in April but the truth about his life and death is still coming out. New details about Hernandez’s life in prison have been revealed and they indicate that Hernandez had very close relationships with inmates behind bars. So close that he called on them his “heart.” According to letters written by Hernandez obtained by The Boston Globe, Aaron was desperate to share his cell with another inmate. The letters are undated and redacted but they portray Hernandez as a man who was in need of some companionship. “There are two people I know from the streets who I’m close with,” he wrote in one letter. He referred to one of these men as his “brother” and another one as his “heart.” “So, please make this happen and I even prefer to move in with [redacted],” Hernandez wrote. “Me and him are very close and have been since the streets and that is FACT.” In the letters, Hernandez also asked to be moved from his cell so that he could settle down and serve his life sentence. “Hopefully we can get this done so I can finally get comfortable and start my bid and be placed where I belong,” he wrote. “I’m only asking to be treated like a regular inmate.” There’s no confirmation yet on whether one of the inmates Aaron requested in the letter was Kyle Kennedy. Kennedy was put on suicide watch after Hernandez killed himself and was close friends with the former NFL star while he was in prison. There are also rumors that they may have been engaging in a romantic/sexual relationship. Aaron Hernandez pleaded with prison officials for new cell mates, letters show https://t.co/LQ5oPvwdf1 pic.twitter.com/JwSfPNAo5w — Boston.com (@BostonDotCom) May 20, 2017 An explosive report by Newsweek recently shed light on a theory held by investigators that Aaron Hernandez could have killed his former friend, Odin Lloyd because he was about to reveal that Aaron was in a clandestine relationship with another man. As the Boston Globe reports, Hernandez’s fiancée, Shayanna Jenkins Hernandez, continues to maintain that he was not gay. On The Dr. Phil Show last week, she was asked about the gay rumors and said that he had always denied them. She added that she’d never heard Aaron mention Kyle Kennedy and denied that her deceased fiancée left him a suicide note. After Hernandez’s death, which was deemed a suicide by the medical examiner, his criminal record was wiped clean using a legal loophole called “abatement ab initio” which vacates the convictions of dead prisoners who have open appeals. He’d been acquitted of a separate double-murder trial days before he committed suicide. Newly released letters from Aaron Hernandez in prison – refers to an inmate who was his “heart” #5Investigates #wcvb https://t.co/t1MzDgUzhn pic.twitter.com/ikjDJd7fGW — Karen Anderson (@karenreports) May 20, 2017 Details of Aaron Hernandez’s sucked are disturbing to say the least. As Inquisitr previously reported, police noted that Hernandez drew symbols in his own blood on his cell walls before he killed himself. One of the symbols was an unfinished pyramid and the “all-seeing eye of God.” The image is similar to the one that can be found on the reverse of U.S. currency. Hernandez also wrote “Illuminati” in capital letters below the pyramid. There was also an oval on top of the pyramid with lines coming out of it. The words Hernandez wrote in his suicide notes are equally disturbing. In one of the notes, he reportedly wrote that he was about to enter the “timeless” realm. RELATED POSTS ON INQUISITR Aaron Hernandez Notes: Wrote ‘Incoherent’ Suicide Letter To Rumored Gay Lover Kyle Kennedy? Could Aaron Hernandez’s Suicide Be Avoided? Alleged Gay Lover/Boyfriend Kyle Kennedy ‘Knew’ About His Thoughts Aaron Hernandez’s Rumored Prison Lover, Kyle Kennedy, Breaks His Silence, Requests Suicide Note And $47K Watch Aaron Hernandez Suicide: Toxicology Results Reveal Ex-NFL Player Wasn’t On Drugs When He Took His Life [Featured Image by Jim Rogash/Getty Images]

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