Demi Lovato Gushes With Pride For Miley Cyrus And Teases A New Album

In the past, rumors of a rivalry between Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus seemed fueled by fact and even a meet-up at the recent Women’s March in Los Angeles seemed hot with friction, but all of that may now be in the past. Now, Demi, like so much of the public, is seeing Cyrus with fresh eyes. Ms. Lovato shares her thoughts on the news that Ms. Cyrus is now clean and sober, which is something Demi understands on a very personal basis. Demi Lovato Gushes Over Miley Cyrus’ New Clean Lifestyle Speaking with the Hollywood Reporter, Ms. Lovato is responding to news that her one-time rival is now living a new, clean lifestyle, embracing the life of sobriety that she at one time mocked. No one knows that journey of self-healing better than Demi, who recently opened up about her own struggles with drug addiction and depression. Now clean, Lovato is happy to hear that Miley has changed her life so successfully. “I am really proud of Miley,” Lovato says. Could sobriety be the key to a new friendship for Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus? [Image by Tim Whitby/Getty Images] Demi is celebrating five years of sobriety and couldn’t be happier with her life. She proudly shares her own story and is pleased that Miley Cyrus is being equally open about her new sober lifestyle, because she feels it helps others to have role models. “I think that it helps people to know that there are people in the spotlight that have challenges, that are faced with very stressful lives,” shares Lovato. “I think it helps to know that recovery is possible and it’s something that is so important to certain people like myself.” Previously, Ms. Cyrus opened up about how she keeps a handle on her sobriety, revealing that the key is to surround herself with others living a sober and creative life. Instead of spending time with drug users and alcohol drinkers, Cyrus seeks out those she feels will inspire her to be a better version of herself. “I want to be super clear and sharp, because I know exactly where I want to be,” said Miley Cyrus. Demi Lovato Teases a New Album Demi Lovato teases a new album coming later this year. [Image by Rich Fury/Getty Images] People shares that Demi Lovato’s recent release of “No Promises” with Cheat Codes is just a tease of a new full album soon to be released. The singer reveals that the album will hit stores sometime this year and it will mainly be a new sound for Lovato, as the singer has expressed an interest in creating a “more soulful” R&B sound for herself. “I actually want to go a totally different way with my album,” Ms. Lovato said. “I want to go more soulful, so we’ll see what that ends up turning out like. I’m still in the process of writing and finding the inspiration behind it, so we’ll see.” If the recent past is any indication, Demi’s fans won’t be able to get enough of the new album. The fifth album put out by Lovato, Confident, earned her a Grammy nomination for Best Pop Vocal Album. Confident also contained “Cool for the Summer,” which was a certified double platinum hit single. Lovato fans can also look forward to a YouTube documentary about the singer titled I Am: Demi Lovato, which is to be released later this year as well. Again, Ms. Lovato refers to her sobriety, as she declares that she’s in a great place in her life and confesses that she never expected to be quite so happy. Demi adds that the best thing about working on bettering oneself is realizing the ability to achieve one’s dreams is limitless. Along with Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus, Brad Pitt also shared news that he has embraced a sober lifestyle. [Featured Image by Tim Whitby/Getty Images]

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