How To Wash A Shoe Insole?

Smelly shoes are something that nobody likes and one of the best ways to get out of that scenario is to clean the shoe insole thoroughly. If you are doing that then there is a high chance that those insoles will not smell for a really long time ahead. So, you can get rid of your smelly shoes in that way.

Tips to clean insoles

If you are cleaning the insoles you can use some sort of warm water with salt or even vinegar to get rid of the typical smell. These are homemade remedies that you can do every day or every alternate day to keep those smell away from you. But in case you have an intense smell then it is better that you take up some different approach.

Use replaceable insole to get rid of shoe stink

There are certain insoles that can be replaced in the course of time. This gives a slight height to you but it is worth it if you want to get rid of shoe smell. You can wash these soles anytime you intend to and buy new ones without worrying about the fact that these might be spoiled or it might damage the shoes.

Wear socks to avoid damping smell

If you are not wearing socks then even the vinegar or baking powder trick will not work. You will have to change your habits. All you need is a good quality insole like mindinsole along with socks and keep it clean with the help of baking powder or vinegar. Then you will be able to see that your soles are not smelling any longer.

These are simple tips that are something that you can incorporate in your daily habits and you will be able to see a change in the way your shoes use to behave and smell.