'Lawbreakers' Jumping From PC To PS4 And PS4 Pro, Gets $30 Price, Xbox One Not Ruled Out

Lawbreakers, from Cliff Bleszinski’s Boss Key Productions, has been in development for the PC since 2014. The fast-paced, gravity-defying multiplayer hero shooter is now coming the PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro for a rather reasonable price, it was announced Monday, but an Xbox One release has not been ruled out. Bleszinski took to Sony’s official PlayStation Blog to announce Lawbreakers is coming to the PS4 and PS4 Pro this year for a price of just $29.99. The game will run at 60 frames per second (fps) on both and support 4K textures on the newer, more powerful console. The $29.99 price point was important for Bleszinski as he chided the industry for continuing to pump out $60 games in an interview with PC Gamer just this past April. “I’ve talked so much s**t about [multiplayer] only games going for $60 being a big mistake that this is me backing up my words finally,” Bleszinski explained in a Reddit AMA. “We may have a higher ‘tier’ to announce at some point but we wanted to be more of an ‘impulse buy.’ Hard to get people to try new s**t these days, folks, and we hope this lets people in at a decent price.” [Image by Boss Key Productions] Most importantly, Lawbreakers will not have any season passes and no pay-to-win mechanics. Additionally, all future roles, maps, and modes will be released for free. That doesn’t mean the game will be completely microtransaction free. It is likely Lawbreakers will follow a similar cosmetic item model as Overwatch based on what the Boss Key boss says and does not say in both the announcement and Reddit AMA. Another thing not said is any mention of console exclusivity for Lawbreakers. Boss Key made a business decision to release for only one console first since it is a small development studio. Since the PlayStation 4 has the much larger install base, it was the natural decision. “[Microsoft] is doing a lot right these days, we won’t rule out Xbox,” Bleszinski said in reply to a Reddit AMA question. “Just can only do so much with a small team.” For those unfamiliar with Lawbreakers, the game is set on a future earth where the laws of gravity have been broken following an event that destroyed the moon. Humanity survived, rebuilt, and advanced itself using the gravitational anomalies. However, crime is still a thing, and that’s where the fight between the law and the criminals starts in the game. [Image by Boss Key Productions] It is natural to compare Lawbreakers to Overwatch, as both are class-based five-versus-five shooters, which are all the rage today. Bleszinski acknowledges the comparison and flashed back in the Reddit AMA to when the first trailer for Blizzard’s game was released while Boss Key was in the middle of development. “When the (fantastic) first trailer for [Overwatch] hit we were like F**k. And then we knew what to NOT do, honestly, zig when they zag, as I like to say. Especially art wise – don’t mimic the (nice) Pixar look they had. And when we decided to do a blink we went omni-directional unlike good ol’ Tracer,” Bleszinski said. One of those zags is going very light on the meta game used in titles like Overwatch. Blizzard’s game is focused on specific characters countering others and swapping between characters during a match. By comparison, Lawbreakers has almost no meta, as Bleszinski wants player skill to determine who beats who, even with the use of different classes. The graphics are another differentiator. Bleszinski calls the visual style of Overwatch and Hi-Rez Studios’ Paladins “Pixar-like.” He is going for a more realistic Halo or Call of Duty look for Lawbreakers. Finally, the game will feature different modes than the Team Fortress 2 game modes where payloads are escorted. [Featured Image by Boss Key Productions]

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