Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx Dating Rumors: Pictures Of Paris Trip Revealed, Are They Getting Married?

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx dating rumors are even stronger now, as pictures of their Paris trip have been revealed. Despite the couple’s desperate efforts to hide their affair from public, they were spotted in the romantic capital of the world. Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have been trying hard to protect their relationship from public. They have been denying having any romantic liaison with each other. However, there have been more and more reports about the couple spending time together. This time, they were spotted in Paris, where Foxx was shooting for his upcoming film, Robin Hood. Tom Cruise’s ex-wife reportedly flew to Paris just to meet her 49-year-old alleged boyfriend. According to sources, the Paris trip is the couple’s first attempt to become more public about their relationship. The couple was spotted in Paris on May 11, 2017. However, they have been secretly dating since 2013, according to media reports. The Robin Hood remake is set to release next year, and the 38-year-old American actress did not miss the chance to visit Foxx during the shoot. The couple, who has managed to keep their affair private for an incredibly long time, is finally opening up about it, according to sources. Us Weekly came to know from a source that Katie Holmes is “head over heels” for Foxx. And, she finally wants the world to know about their affair. Still, the couple seems to be able to keep it discreet, since they were not photographed during the Paris trip. They were rather spotted while they were leaving Paris in a private jet. Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have, so far, managed to keep their dating rumors unverified. They are believed to have worn disguises in the past in order to hide it from public. They wore disguises in the past for their private meetings. However, that seems to be a thing of the past now. No more disguises from now on, the couple may be seen in public quite often from now on. Katie Holmes has apparently mastered the art of keeping her relationship private. According to a studio insider, people were hardly aware of her visiting the Cité du Cinemas studio complex to meet Foxx. “We were barely aware of her,” the insider said. “There are always hundreds of people milling around, so it would have been pretty easy for her to keep a low profile.” Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx dating rumors are even stronger now. [Image by Scott Gries/Getty Images] There are claims that Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are going to meet more often in public. The actress seems to be “over worrying” about the public attention. Holmes might be circumspect about her relationship with Foxx, since she has had failed relationships in the past. Years back, she dated Joshua Jackson and Chris Klein, whom she got engaged with. She started dating Tom Cruise after breaking up with Klein in 2005. Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx jet out of Paris: https://t.co/tYEo546KDB pic.twitter.com/KwTitWwq67 — Us Weekly (@usweekly) May 18, 2017 Katie Holmes’ relation with Cruise became sour later on. Despite being raised a Catholic, Holmes started studying Scientology, a religious belief that Cruise believes in. After five years of marriage, Holmes files for divorce. She openly talked about her fears about her daughter being abducted by Cruise. She got back to her Catholic beliefs and felt intimidated by the Church of Scientology. Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have been trying hard to protect their relationship from public. [Image by Win McNamee/Getty Images] Because of her difficult relationship with Tom Cruise, Holmes has all the reasons to be careful about her next commitment. However, things seem to get better with Foxx, whom she plans to go on a vacation with, according to a source. “They’re talking about planning a summer trip together in Europe,” With Holmes gushing about “how amazing” Foxx is, things may get more intense during the summer trip. There is every reason to believe that the couple would take the relationship to the next level and think about getting married. Fans would hope that the celebrity couple does not keep the marriage discreet. Here’s wishing Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx all the best for their future together. [Featured Image by Evan Agostini/Getty Images]

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