Cher Lets Trump Off Easy During Billboard Acceptance Speech

Cher still hasn’t left the planet yet, but is holding her tongue about U.S. President Donald Trump. Cher, who has infamously said she would “leave the planet” if the then-U.S. President-elect won the 2016 election (which he did), was in the center of attention on Sunday, when she accepted the icon award at Billboard Music Awards and did not mention Trump at all. Cher, a vocal critic of Trump, has yet to outline her plan on how exactly she’s planning to “leave the planet” now that the real estate mogul is the President. But Cher, who has previously called Trump “a f***ing idiot,” did not provide details of her escape-the-planet plan nor did she say anything about the U.S. President at all. And the Billboard Music Awards viewers were surprised, yet respectful of her decision. Hours before the Billboard Music Awards live broadcast on Sunday, TMZ broke the story claiming that BBMA show execs were fearful of Cher using vulgar language when bashing Trump onstage. Cher, who never bites her tongue when it comes to getting political on awards shows, surprised both viewers and show execs when she did not mention Trump while accepting the Idol award at all. Cher, who her fans consider to be the perfect candidate for President to throw Trump off the throne in 2020, took the stage of the Billboard Music Awards to perform “Believe” and “If I Could Turn Back Time” before she was presented by Gwen Stefani with the coveted BBMA award. Cher vs. Trump
Cher is a month older
Cher weighs half as much
Cher can still move
Cher can speak
Cher is smart#Cher2020
#IconCher@cher — Steve Redmond (@sjredmond) May 22, 2017 Many viewers noted how much younger Cher, who turned 70-years-old the day before the Billboard Music Awards, looks compared to Trump, who turns 71 next month. cher is older than donald trump and she looks 20 years younger #bbmas — tweet limit again ???? (@glennspizza) May 22, 2017 Cher is 71 and putting on a full stage show. TRump is 70 and touching a glowing orb has exhausted him. — Ocular Nervosa (@ocularnervosa) May 22, 2017 Instead of throwing mud at President Trump, Cher opted to keep her Billboard Music Awards acceptance speech short and simple, thanking her family, friends, and the people who helped her thrive in the music industry. While presenting the award to Cher, Stefani said the 70-year-old legendary singer “proved there’s nothing she cannot do” (except maybe keeping her promises on leaving the planet under Trump presidency), and called Cher “a woman who is truly the definition of the word Icon.” Interestingly, Cher’s performances of her two hit songs “Believe” and “If I Could Turn Back Time” marked her first performance at an awards show in more than 15 years. Instead of getting political on the Billboard Music Awards stage and grilling Trump, Cher delivered an emotional speech, in which she thanked her mother and Sonny Bono for seeing her as “special.” These are 10 of Cher’s best Trump tweets — billboard (@billboard) May 19, 2017 Cher revealed how Bono once said to her that she would be “special” – and it appeared to be the exact same thing her mother had told her earlier. “And there was really nothing about me that led anyone to believe that I was going to be special.” We’re Old But maybe we’ve got one one left in us⁉️ — Cher (@cher) May 2, 2017 Cher’s list of awards and achievements in the music industry is rather impressive. Having won an Oscar, a Grammy, an Emmy, three Golden Globe Awards, and three Billboard Music Awards, Cher is the only artist in history to have landed a No. 1 single on Billboard Hot 100 chart in each of the past six decades. Cher needs only one Tony Award to achieve the coveted EGOT status, which is awarded to artists who have won Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony. Celine Dion was all of us during Cher’s performance✨ #BBMAs — billboard (@billboard) May 22, 2017 President Trump, who has been nominated for two Emmys, “is cheating and getting away with it and using the White House to make money,” Cher said while speaking to Billboard last week, triggering fears in Billboard Music Awards show execs that she could use the BBMAs as a platform to express her political views. Cher gets humble at the #BBMAs during her Icon Award acceptance speech — billboard (@billboard) May 22, 2017 [Featured Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]

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