Portland Police Looking For Unidentified Man Throwing Semen On Women At Grocery Stores

An unidentified man has been throwing semen on seemingly random women at local grocery stores, according to Portland, Oregon police. The disgusting and disturbing crimes have been going on for more than a year, with instances ramping up over the last several months. On April 5, the unidentified man allegedly threw semen on a woman at Safeway on Southwest Barbur Boulevard. Portland police say that their suspect actually followed that woman into the grocery store from the parking lot. The April 5 victim of the unidentified man was actually hit with semen twice, once inside the grocery store and once in the lot before she entered the building. As KGW reports, the Portland police claim that their assailant attacks and then simply walks away. According to his victim, the double semen attack is concerned that her alleged attacker may be watching or even following her. While their is no indication that the man targets his victims in any way other than completely randomly, his April 5 victim is understandably troubled by the “disgusting” attack, which resulted in the unidentified man throwing semen on her at least two times. “It’s crappy. I think you’re in disbelief. Is this really happening? It’s disgusting, who would do this? And then it goes through your mind, was he watching me this whole time?” While police still don’t know who the unidentified semen throwing man is, the April 5 attack resulted in surveillance images that have given them clues to his identity. Man throwing semen on women in Portland grocery stores, police say https://t.co/F4vVAbKKMZ pic.twitter.com/tNjXG172KJ — KGW News (@KGWNews) May 20, 2017 Portland police describe their suspect as a Hispanic male, on the short side, and between the ages of 20 and 40-years-old. His vehicle, also described as a getaway car, is a nondescript white, four-door sedan. After throwing semen on his targets, the man stands accused of simply walking back to his car and driving away. What’s more, investigators believe that their unidentified semen-throwing man could have a whole slew of victims, victims that may not even know they were assaulted. Currently, law enforcement is looking into two more cases in the Southwest Portland area and are working with investigators from two additional Oregon cities on two more instances of alleged semen throwing involving the same suspect. Portland police fear that there may be even more victims out there, some of whom may not even know that they have been attacked with semen, thrown by the unidentified man. GAG: The suspect, cops say, has been “throwing semen onto unsuspecting women” at Portland supermarkets https://t.co/IHpKoCcgaH pic.twitter.com/DZ6skkfMul — The Smoking Gun (@tsgnews) May 19, 2017 At this time, investigators are at a loss to attribute a motive to the alleged crime in question, although the masses on social media have been speaking out against the crime on Twitter and other platforms. Some have called out the attacks as “gross” or “disgusting,” while others have reacted with humor or even political attacks on the City of Portland itself. @borntoremove2 @AltRightCali The freakiest and the best news comes out of Portland. What a mess, wannabe hippies living in the lap of liberalism Oregon is a tax hellhole — Dave Harman (@boondocker450) May 20, 2017 @PortlandPolice Still funny. Sometimes bad things can be funny. It’s ok kids. Calm down. Two things can be true at once. — Average American???????? (@michaelvstheman) May 20, 2017 @KING5Seattle I thought @realDonaldTrump was en route to EU? — Maria Ugaż (@yayischillin) May 20, 2017 @KING5Seattle There should probably be an extra category for using bio fluids in the act of assaulting a victim. — Pyrelight2112 (@Pyrelight2112) May 19, 2017 @Rolling__Hills @MikeBennerKGW Cause nothing is funnier than body fluids potentially contaminated w infectious disease — Brenda Nuckton (@OperaBrendaSLP) May 20, 2017 Some are even calling out the Portland Police for their handling of this admittedly off-putting, disgusting violation of the unidentified man’s victims. The department initially shared the story on social media with a pun. “See man? Call police.” At least one social media user found nothing at all funny about the “unacceptable” joke. @PortlandPolice This was the original way they posted this. Completely unacceptable to make a joke. #tonedeaf pic.twitter.com/pwV4ON05t1 — Josh Lawrence (@jlawrence10) May 19, 2017 As Portland Live reports, the unidentified man is believed to have engaged in semen-throwing at a number of area locations, including Lamb’s Garden Home Marketplace, a Kmart and several local Safeway stores. The alleged semen attack at the Kmart dates all the way back to January of 2016 and took place in the city of Beaverton, not far from Portland. In that instance, the victim was shopping at Kmart with two little children when her alleged attacker began stalking her through the store. Eventually, the victim was hit by a “wet substance,” which was apparently thrown from a cup she saw the man holding in the aftermath of the assault. That victim of the unidentified man’s semen throwing confronted her attacker, who immediately left the scene of the crime. Anyone with information about the man’s identity or who believes they may have been victimized has been asked to contact the lead detective in the case, Detective Chris Traynor, at 503-823-0889 or christopher.traynor@portlandoregon.gov. If you are in the Portland area and witness the unidentified man in the act of throwing semen, call 911. [Featured Image by TheaDesign/Shutterstock]

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