'Teen Mom 2' Dad Nathan Griffith Has Found Love, Introduces Girlfriend On Social Media

Nathan Griffith is known in the Teen Mom 2 fan universe as one of the baby daddies and tumultuous exes of Jenelle Evans. The reality TV star, though no longer with Jenelle, is featured heavily on the show due to the fact that he is the father of her middle child, Kaiser. The pair have been fighting on camera quite often about custody of Kaiser and if Nathan is allowed to have him unsupervised. In the last season of Teen Mom 2, Nathan and his ex-girlfriend took Jenelle to court for allegedly assaulting her on the driveway. According to Jenelle, she was holding a mason jar of ice water and meant to fling its contents at his new girlfriend, but it slipped from her hand and the mason jar itself hit the woman in the head. Jenelle was found not guilty of assault, despite Nathan and his now ex’s best efforts to have her arrested, or at least, fined, for the so-called altercation. While Jenelle seems to be playing happy family with fiance, David Eason, on Teen Mom 2, Nathan was frequently seen sniffing around and even saying that although Jenelle was pregnant with David’s baby, he still held hope that he and Jenelle would get back together one day in the future. He also sent Jenelle pretty bizarre text messages stating that he wanted to sign full custody of his child, Kaiser, over to her so that he could move to the United Kingdom. Whatever that bizarre text was about, it looks like Nathan is still planted firmly in the United States, and likely still filming the new season of Teen Mom 2, which is in the works. ❤️ A post shared by Nathan Joseph Griffith (@nathanjgriffith) on Feb 22, 2017 at 8:39am PST However, thanks to his new social media posts, it looks as though Nathan has totally forgotten Jenelle and has moved on to a new love. Although Nathan had a rather messy break-up from the same ex that tried to charge Jenelle with assault (he was arrested for breaking into her house and trying to choke her after they broke up), his bad boy past has oddly enough, not stopped another woman for falling for him. Nathan has met a new woman by the name of Ashley while in Florida, and shared a photo and video of the pair kissing on Instagram. The 29-year-old new love of Nathan’s life is a counsellor at a recovery center and is super into fitness and exercise, just like her new boy toy. However, it should be asked of any woman voluntarily getting with Nathan whether or not she’s seen Teen Mom 2 and whether she’s ready to insert herself into the middle of all of the drama with his ex, Jenelle. It is also unclear whether the Teen Mom 2 dad will debut his new lover on the TV show, as it is currently filming. If so, will Jenelle get into a feud with this new woman as well? Heaven or hell we will meet each other in the afterlife!!! pic.twitter.com/T7A33JeCLg — Nathan J. Griffith (@GroundLevelUp) May 14, 2017 In addition to allegedly throwing glasses at Nathan’s ex, Jessica, Jenelle is currently involved in a social media feud with her future sister-in-law and one of David Eason’s exes, Whitney. During this days long twitter feud, Jenelle has accused David’s sister of smoking crack, taking Xanex and crashing into a school bus full of children and getting into a physical fight with someone during her pregnancy which resulted in her child’s cerebral palsy. Jenelle Evans hasn’t escaped an indictment of her character, however, as the sister-in-law has stated that Jenelle left her edibles out for one of her children to consume and that she cleaned her toilet with her stepdaughter, Maryssa’s toothbrush as a punishment for the young girl. Drama just seems to follow Jenelle everywhere. [Featured Image by Nathan Griffith/Instagram]

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