Saudi Arabia Addresses Melania Trump Headscarf Speculations

Speculations surrounding whether Melania Trump will wear a headscarf during her visit to Saudi Arabia has prompted a response from the Middle Eastern nation. She and the president departed for their first foreign trip on Friday and it’s being reported that Melania will make several appearances. Though her fashion sense is always on point, she’s not as conservative as a lot of women who’ve made trips to visit the country’s leaders. How will that fit into a nation that wants its women to cover their legs, wear long sleeves, and don a headscarf? The big question on everyone’s minds is if Melania Trump plans to wear a headscarf during her visit the country. Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir addressed this very issue to ease any concerns, RT reports. Al-Jubeir says that the nation will “welcome any style in clothing” that Mrs. Trump wants to wear. The report adds that Riyadh usually “doesn’t demand” a specific dress code, but “accepts suggestions.” Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, will also be along for the foreign trip. It’ll be interesting to see if Ivanka also ditches the idea of wearing a headscarf. Other world leaders and first ladies have visited Saudi Arabia without wearing a headscarf. Michelle Obama, Laura Bush, and Hillary Clinton didn’t cover their heads in the Muslim nation, and neither did British Prime Minister Theresa May and German Chancellor Angela. It would be more surprising to see Melania or Ivanka Trump wear a headscarf given the fact they’re advocates for women on a national and international level. Wearing a headscarf would inevitably draw massive criticism since the custom is regarded as extremely oppressive to women, something both the first lady and first daughter wouldn’t promote. ‘Doesn’t demand, accept suggestion’: S. Arabia waits any attire for Trump’s wife Melania during US President’s trip — RT (@RT_com) May 19, 2017 RT reports that “Saudi Arabia is making every effort to dazzle and impress” President Trump. He and Melania will be in the for two days to meet the king, crown prince, and the deputy crown prince. A number of meetings with all of the Arab nations will take place as well. While there, President Trump will have lunch with leaders of over 50 Muslim nations and will deliver a speech on confronting radical Islam. Donald and Melania Trump will venture off to Jerusalem, Belgium, meet the Pope at the Vatican, and meet France’s newly elected president, Macron. The president will also attend the G7 summit in Italy before returning home. In all, the first family will be on their first foreign trip for nine days. During the trip abroad, Melania Trump will meet with military families and children. She said in a statement that she looks forward to not only supporting her husband on matters of foreign affairs and security, but to meet with women and children “from different countries who have different perspectives.” Will @FLOTUS Melania Trump wear a headscarf in Saudi Arabia? via @YahooStyle — Yahoo (@Yahoo) May 15, 2017 While it’s unlikely that Melania Trump will wear a headscarf in Saudi Arabia, expect to see her in floor length gowns and long sleeves; this custom is generally followed by foreign visitors. The first lady’s fashion is closely watched when she’s here in the United States, but her first trip overseas will generate even broader interest. Will she be more conservative out of respect for the nation’s cultural norm? Will she have any Middle Eastern-inspired styles included in her wardrobe? Whatever she wears, Melania Trump is sure to impress and will get people talking about it for days. [Featured Image by Win McNamee/Getty Images]

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