Meghan King Edmonds' Baby Girl Suffers Health Scare, Heads To Mexico For 'RHOC' Season 12

Meghan King Edmonds may be facing health challenges with her daughter, Aspen Edmonds, but that didn’t stop the reality star from traveling to Mexico earlier this month for some fun in the sun with her Real Housewives of Orange County co-stars. On May 17, Meghan King Edmonds took to Instagram where she shared a photo of herself and Vicki Gunvalson doing shots together at a bar. “When in Cabo… take a tequila shot with [Vicki Gunvalson],” Meghan King Edmonds wrote in the caption of her photo. “When you run into another ‘housewife’ in Mexico…. shots are what’s in order! Wooping it up right off the plane!” Gunvalson wrote in the caption of the same photo shared on her Instagram account. According to Gunvalson, she and Meghan King Edmonds are enjoying a girls trip and when it comes to their relationship, she told fans she and Edmonds are “good.” She also included the Real Housewives of Orange County hashtag in her post. Meghan King Edmonds and Vicki Gunvalson started off on the wrong foot when Edmonds joined the cast of The Real Housewives of Orange County during its 10th season. However, after Gunvalson broke up with her controversial boyfriend, Brooks Ayers, they gave their friendship a shot. A post shared by Meghan King Edmonds (@meghankedmonds) on May 17, 2017 at 4:32pm PDT After spending time with her co-star, Meghan King Edmonds enjoyed family time with her baby and just hours after her bar photo, she posted a photo of her daughter walking on the beach while holding her hands. “I hope she always holds my hands #wishfulthinking #firsttriptomexico,” she wrote in the caption of her post, which was shared from the Dorado Golf and Beach Club in Cabo. As Radar Online revealed on May 19, Meghan King Edmonds’ trip south of the border comes after news of her daughter’s head deformity, which requires the 5-month old to wear a helmet. “When she was born, I noticed pretty much right away that her head was a little mishaped and my pediatrician said it happens sometimes when they come through the birth canal, so just rotate her when she sleeps,” Meghan King Edmonds explained to the Daily Dish last month. “She had kind of a tight neck, so I had to do physical therapy with her, stretches. Well then as she got a little bit older, I noticed her head was improving, but it was still not great. So at that point that was when my doctor recommended that if I wanted to I could take her to a helmet place [Cranial Technologies].” After Aspen was evaluated, Meghan King Edmonds learned that her baby girl would have to wear a helmet for six weeks with weekly adjustments to the device. “Sure enough even with the improvements she had had with her head, it wasn’t perfectly shaped,” she said. “It was kind of flat on one side and sticking out more in the front of her head.” A post shared by Meghan King Edmonds (@meghankedmonds) on May 17, 2017 at 7:57pm PDT According to Meghan King Edmonds, her daughter’s skull became “wonky” before her November 2016 birth. As she explained, her size led her daughter, who was situated far down in her womb, to take the shape of her pelvis. “It makes sense [because] when I did the 3-D ultrasound, they were never able to see her face cause she was so low so I never got to see her,” she recalled. Although Aspen didn’t initially like her helmet, she has since become adjusted and doesn’t mind wearing it at all. Meghan King Edmonds and her co-stars are expected to return to Bravo this summer for The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 12. [Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]

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