Joy-Anna Duggar's Wedding: Why Her Family Is Being Criticized For Their Actions Ahead Of The Event

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth’s wedding is supposed to be a happy event for the young couple, but some fans are accusing members of Joy-Anna’s family of making a move that has cast a dark shadow over their big day. As InTouch Weekly reports, there was speculation that Joy-Anna Duggar, 19, and Austin Forsyth, 23, would tie the knot on Saturday, but there’s still been no evidence that the couple’s wedding took place. In fact, a close friend of the Duggar family, party planner Sierra Jo Dominguez, has reportedly denied that May 20 was the Counting On stars’ wedding date. Dominguez frequently interacts with Duggar fans during Instagram Live sessions, and she’s recently been bombarded with questions about the wedding. “Sierra has been asked that question over and over again during her live sessions and she has ignored them,” one of her Instagram followers wrote on the Free Jinger web forum. “Today, she stated nope and that is it with the Joy questions.” Joy-Anna Duggar’s wedding is a popular topic of discussion among members of the Free Jinger community, but lately the nature of the talk about her big day has changed. Instead of speculating about what style of dress she’ll wear and the location of her wedding venue, forum users are blasting Joy-Anna’s family for filing a controversial lawsuit ahead of her big day. “Why now? Joy turned 18 in October of 2015. Plenty of time for them to file. I don’t understand filing it shortly before Joy’s wedding,” wrote one commenter. “It seems selfish to me.” “What a dark cloud this casts over Joy’s wedding,” another observed. Joy-Anna Duggar Reveals She’s Excited for Motherhood Ahead of Wedding to Austin Forsyth — BRIDES (@brides) May 18, 2017 In the breach-of-privacy lawsuit, members of the Duggar family are seeking damages for “the humiliation and extreme mental anguish of being publicly identified nation and world-wide as being victims of sexual abuse.” Joy-Anna is actually one of the four plaintiffs named in the lawsuit, along with sisters Jill, Jessa, and Jinger. The girls were sexually molested by their older brother Josh when they were minors, and the Arkansas Times reports that they are suing InTouch Weekly, the city of Springdale, and Washington County over the release of redacted police reports that detailed the sexual molestation they suffered at the hands of their older brother. Some fans have noted that the lawsuit officially “outs” Joy-Anna Duggar as one of Josh Duggar’s victims. All of the victims’ names were redacted in the police reports that InTouch Weekly published, and, before the lawsuit’s filing, Jill and Jessa were the only Duggar girls who had come forward to confirm that they were molested by their older brother. However, in their Complaint, the Duggars point out that fans were able to identify the other victims based on details that were not redacted. One document reveals that a victim was five years old when she was sexually assaulted by Josh, so fans simply had to look at the Duggar girls’ birthdays to figure out that this victim was Joy-Anna. Most media outlets were previously careful not to mention Joy-Anna’s name because she had decided not to speak out about being a victim. However, this will likely change now that she’s taking part in her family’s new lawsuit. There’s speculation that taking legal action just days before Joy-Anna’s wedding wasn’t the bride’s idea. Some fans think that her father, Jim Bob Duggar, pressured her into joining the lawsuit. As the Hollywood Gossip reports, the Duggars believe that a daughter must obey her father until she gets married, which is when his authority is transferred over to the girl’s husband. Because Joy-Anna still isn’t married yet, she couldn’t refuse to take part in the lawsuit if Jim Bob really is the mastermind behind it. “Let’s be honest, JB [Jim Bob Duggar] is likely behind this,” wrote one commenter on Free Jinger. “I’m not sure how much say the girls have in it, obviously it’s their names that have been signed to it but I am sure JB pushed. They are adults and could say no, but would they?” Now fans believe that Joy-Anna Duggar’s wedding will take place next weekend, but it’s unlikely that the lawsuit buzz will die down by that time. [Featured Image by Duggar Family/Facebook]

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