Chris Cornell's Last Hotel Room Not Available For Reservations After Suicide

Chris Cornell’s last hotel room is not available for bookings, so don’t call the hotel and ask to stay there. TMZ reports that the MGM Grand Detroit has been flooded with calls from people who want to stay in the room where the grunge legend committed suicide. But it is currently off-limits. According to TMZ the police have already searched the room and collected evidence. However, the hotel has cancelled its availability and has no plans to remove that ban anytime soon. A similar situation happened after Whitney Houston was found dead in a bathtub at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in 2012. The hotel eventually made the room available but they replaced all the furniture in there. Chris Cornell was found dead on the bathroom floor of his hotel room by police. His wife had called the authorities fearing something could be wrong after she couldn’t get in contact with him. As TMZ notes, the Wayne County Medical Examiner’s office has determined that his death was caused by “suicide by hanging.” He was 52 years old. “The cause of death has been determined as hanging by suicide. A full autopsy report has not yet been completed,” the report said. Chris Cornell and personal essays: The week in pop-culture writing: — The Atlantic (@TheAtlantic) May 20, 2017 Despite the fact that the official cause of death has been revealed, Chris Cornell’s wife is still skeptical that he really killed himself, The Guardian reports “What happened is inexplicable and I am hopeful that further medical reports will provide additional details. I know that he loved our children and he would not hurt them by intentionally taking his own life,” Cornell’s wife, Vicky, said in a statement. She added that her husband had been taking Ativan, a drug that’s normally used for treating insomnia and anxiety. The drug has some serious side effects including depression. She added that when she spoke to the Soungarden and Audioslave lead singer on the day he died, he seemed disoriented. She said that she “noticed he was slurring his words, he was different… He told me he may have taken an extra Ativan or two.” The family’s lawyer, Kirk Paskch, maintains that his family is still doubtful that the singer knowingly took his own life. “Without the results of toxicology tests, we do not know what was going on with Chris or if any substances contributed to his demise. Chris, a recovering addict, had a prescription for Ativan and may have taken more Ativan than recommended dosages,” Pasich said. “The family believes that if Chris took his life, he did not know what he was doing and that drugs or other substances may have affected his actions.” The drug tied to Chris Cornell’s tragic death, explained — UPROXX (@UPROXX) May 20, 2017 Chris Cornell was a singer/songwriter who emerged out of the same Seattle grunge scene that produced Nirvana. He was on tour with Soundgarden at the time of his death and had recently finished a performance when his body was found. After news of his death spread, tributes poured in from rock musicians who had either known Chris or were inspired by him. As NME reports, Linkin Park front man, Chester Bennington, uploaded an emotional tribute to Cornell on Twitter where he spoke about how much the grunge pioneer had meant to him. “I dreamt about the Beatles last night. I woke up with [Beatles song] ‘Rocky Raccoon’ playing in my head and a concerned look on my wife’s face. She told me my friend has just passed away. Thoughts of you flooded my mind and I wept. I’m still weeping, with sadness, as well as gratitude for having shared some very special moments with you and your beautiful family.” With all of my love @chriscornell. — Chester Bennington (@ChesterBe) May 18, 2017 RELATED POSTS ON INQUISITR Chris Cornell New Music: Inside His ‘Singles’ Cameo And How He Almost Starred In The Grunge-Inspired Film Chris Cornell’s Wife Speaks Up: Were Drugs Involved In Soundgarden Frontman’s Suicide? Chris Cornell Suicide: Were Warning Signs Present During His Final Tour And Concert With Soundgarden? Chris Cornell’s Death Sparks Grunge Music Fans To Demand Protection For Eddie Vedder [Featured Image by Buda Mendes/Getty Images)

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