Alan Thicke's Widow Says Sons Wanted To Turn His Home Into A Weed Farm

The battle for Alan Thicke’s estate is predictably getting quite nasty, especially since his widow, who is not the father of this three children, has been added into the mix. Earlier this week, Alan Thicke’s sons filed a petition claiming that his widow, Tanya Callau, is attempting to get more than what was left to her in Thicke’s will. This nasty battle has included Tanya Callau threatening to trash Thicke’s sons in the tabloids. According to reports, Alan Thicke had a living trust which willed his ranch in Carpenteria, California, to his sons, but allowed Tanya to remain there as long as she paid the maintenance. However, Tanya isn’t pleased with this arrangement and wants it re-evaluated. Alan Thicke’s sons, however, have been accused of saying that if she doesn’t agree to their demands, and the original documents Thicke made before his death, they would go to the tabloids and smear her name, calling her a gold-digger who wanted more than her fair share or her due. Tanya Callau, however, took action first to avoid a messy situation. Callau’s lawyer made a brief statement to People. “Since Alan died, his sons have been haranguing her to let them turn America’s dad’s homestead into a massive pot plantation. When she said no, they filed this bogus lawsuit and smeared her in the tabloids. They’re just trying to bully a woman whose only crime is loving their father with everything she had for 17 years.” Callau, who is Alan Thicke’s third wife, is claiming that the prenuptial agreement the pair signed before their wedding is now invalid. She also wants the prenup re-evaluated because she says she put her own career aside to help Alan with his, in addition to the fact that she now has the rights to the ranch. Thicke’s sons have not responded to the claim that they want to turn his home into a giant pot plantation. In addition to the rights set forth above, Tanya Callau is also entitled to 40 percent of Alan Thicke’s estate in addition to his pension payments. Tanya also got the money from his life insurance policy as well as 25 percent of his belongings. His sons were entitled to the other 75 percent. Nobody does it better. Magnificent Martina.@Martina @ChrissieEvert @cecharities #cecharities A post shared by Alan Thicke (@alan_thicke) on Nov 19, 2016 at 10:05am PST She claims that the pair were trying to have a baby before his tragic death last December. Callau says that the couple had frozen her eggs and were planning to have a baby via IVF after Alan Thicke’s youngest son, 19-year-old Carter, moved out of the house to begin a whole new life over again. According to Callau, the pair had brought an architect to the ranch just days before Alan Thicke’s death to work on a nursery for the new baby they would be bringing into the world. Tanya Callau says she resents the claims that Alan Thicke’s older sons, Brennan and Robin, are making against her, saying that she is greedy and money hungry. Evidently, her lawyer released the statement to try and help people see her side of the story and understand that she is the victim in the situation. Two worlds collided and they will never tear us apart ~ INXS ???? Happy Anniversary My Love……. Best thing god ever blessed me with was your love ❤️ ….forever grateful. A post shared by TANYA THICKE (@tanyathicke) on May 7, 2017 at 10:36am PDT Despite the claims by Callau and her lawyer, some feel that she is simply trying to cash in on more than she was originally due. The petition filed by the Thicke brothers and their lawyer state that they have taken legal action in order to “honor the memory of their father, protect his legacy, and prevent his testamentary intentions from being undermined by avarice and overreaching of his third wife, Tanya Callau.” This whole situation seems to be turning nastier by the minute, and it will be interesting to see what eventually happens with Alan Thicke’s estate. [Featured Image by Matt Winkelmeyer/Stringer/Getty Images]

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