Abby Lee Miller Hints 'Dance Moms' Mothers Were Involved In Her Criminal Fraud

Abby Lee Miller may have recently been charged with bankruptcy fraud and bringing in money to the U.S. from Australia that she failed to declare, but the former reality star is now hinting that she didn’t act alone in her crimes. In addition to bankruptcy fraud, Miller was accused of smuggling in $120,000 from Australian appearances, merchandise sales, and Master Classes she taught while in the country. However, she told Wendy Williams that since she hasn’t seen the money in quite some time, it isn’t her’s. “My attorney said if I haven’t seen it in three years, it’s not mine,” she said. According to Abby Lee Miller, everything she earned by her appearances went straight into a bank account and it was handled electronically; therefore, there was no smuggling involved. But she insists that since the mothers sold the merchandise via cash, they were the ones who smuggled the money into the United States and she is taking the fall for them. “The moms were out in the lobby area, they are selling the merchandise, taking pictures. You can’t get a credit card machine in other countries unless you have a bank account in that country, and you rent them from the bank. I can show you all the moms’ 1099s for what they made.” Love my @ramastar81 He’s the exquisite principal dancer @nycballet #aldcalways #alllovedancecourage #ALDC #aldcproud #abbyleeapparel A post shared by Abby Lee Miller (@therealabbylee) on May 19, 2017 at 11:17am PDT United States law states that if someone is traveling with more than $10,000 in cash, they have to declare it when they re-enter the country. However, it was ruled that Abby Lee Miller and those she was with failed to do so. On the Wendy Williams show, she was asked directly if others in her group were carrying money for her, to which she answered, “that’s debatable.” Miller insists that she’s really only going to prison over $37,000. “But what really happened, when I refinanced the [dance studio] building, they didn’t put the taxes into escrow and I did not know that. I was not aware of that. And they always had been because when you build a building they are automatically included. So I owed $37,000. So this whole entire thing, and me going to jail, is over $37,000.” Abby Lee Miller is still waiting on where she will serve her time in prison. She is hoping to do her time in California so that she can plan meetings for an upcoming show, which she has teased is a scripted show where Dance Moms left off. She has even said that it is possible that some Dance Moms alums will return to work with her if she’s able to get it going. Thanks @wendyshow @foxtv for EVERYTHING!!! #ALDC #thebestisyettocome #aldcla #alllovedancecourage #2017bootycamp #aldcproud #2017danceconcert #paintthetownred A post shared by Abby Lee Miller (@therealabbylee) on May 19, 2017 at 10:13am PDT The reality show star has said that she thinks she needs to take the time in prison to focus on herself, as she was always focused on other people, especially the kids at her studio. “I have some stuff to crank out. Do I need 24 hours a day to put lotion on my elbows? I was never selfish. I was never focused on me, me, me all the time. I was always focused on somebody else,” she said during an interview with E! News. In addition to her new show, which she has teased might have a supernatural element, she has stated that she is hoping to brush up on accounting so that she doesn’t find herself in the same hot water she was in before. She also wants to learn Spanish during her time behind bars. Additionally, Abby Lee Miller says she hopes to write a juicy tell-all while she’s in prison, which will be published after she’s released. In the meantime, she’s doing several interview circuits to make sure she has an income when she’s released. [Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]

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