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Инновационное сотрудничество на Севере. Анкета.

Jan 17 2014

Инновационное сотрудничество на Севере. Анкета.

Find English version here.


Государственная корпорация промышленного развития Норвегии «СИВА» и Торговое представительство Российской Федерации в Королевстве Норвегия представляют новую программу «Инновационное сотрудничество на Севере».

14.01 Innovative cooperation between Russia and Norway
SIVA Centre celebrates 15 in Murmansk

Apr 14 2014

SIVA Centre celebrates 15 in Murmansk

Friday 11 April, SIVA invited its tenants and friends for a festive meetup to celebrate the anniversary and say personal thanks to all those who have been on close terms during all these years.

Formally known as SIVA Industrial Park in Murmansk, the office building was opened 15 years ago to meet the growing local demand shown by international business community for office premises of modern standard.

14.04 Ways of Arctic
31.03 Vice governor praises SIVA's efforts in Murmansk
31.03 Will Russians start spending money?
24.03 The year of record catches
Murmansk keeps its stake in transport hub

Apr 18 2014

Murmansk keeps its stake in transport hub

The regional government has no plans to sell its stake in Murmansk Transport Hub.

The intention of JSC "Rosneft" to become the main investor in the project of Murmansk Transport Hub has being known for at least half a year. At present this company owns only a 15% stake in it, so it will have to buy out the missing shares from other shareholders.

14.04 Arctic ports became less busy
11.04 "Yamal" sails off investigating
04.04 Russia to establish its own payment system
01.04 Roslyakovo steps away from Severomorsk
WWW flow reached Yamal

Apr 17 2014

WWW flow reached Yamal

The final section of the main fiber-optic line connected the peninsula to Internet.

The access to high-speed Internet became possible for residents of Salekhard and other localities of the western Yamal after state company "Rostelecom" commissioned the final section of the main fiber-optic communication line "Northern optical flow".

11.04 Energy needn't be far-fetched
08.04 Siberian gas will come to Asia via Belgium
07.04 Murmansk Shipping Company to assist in Yamal LNG project
07.04 The farewell cruise scheduled for 2015
Winter time might return in the summer

Apr 02 2014

Winter time might return in the summer

The State Duma will consider the bill on that account.

"The bill isn't in the schedule yet, but we are getting ready for April 15," says the author of the draft law, the head of the Duma Health Committee Sergei Kalashnikov. "That day will be the first reading of the document. Beside me this project is also signed by a hundred other deputies from all the parliament factions. I'm not sure if it will pass, but many people's representatives from the ruling "United Russia" party support it."

06.03 3000 militaries return to Alakurtti
27.02 Murmansk rebranded
13.02 Russian citizenship for sale
04.02 Thousand LED lights in the streets of Arctic town
Crime gets more organized

Apr 15 2014

Crime gets more organized

The police of the North-Western Federal District published first this year's statistics.


According to the analytical data of the Main Department of Internal Affairs of Russia, in the Murmansk region there increased the number of crimes committed by organized groups or the criminal community as such. In general, the Murmansk region along with the Arkhangelsk and Leningrad ones became the area with the most positive criminal trends in Russia in the period from January to March 2014. However, for some types of the crime the Murmansk police and other northern regional criminal departments recorded a significant growth.

17.03 Submarine catches fire. No threat reported
16.03 Investigators say safety violations caused oil terminal fire
25.02 Shambir wants back to power
12.02 Bus wars in Murmansk, another round
10 times by 100 ml. Enough for a flight.

Apr 07 2014

10 times by 100 ml. Enough for a flight.

Liquids are allowed again in air passengers' hand baggage.

The Russian Federal Air Transport Agency cancelled the prohibition to transport liquids in the hand baggage. These security measures were temporarily introduced for the period of Olympics and Paralympics in Sochi. At the insistence of Moscow a similar ban was introduced in the United States and Ukraine for passengers of aircrafts departing to Russia.

03.04 Northern landscapes reopen their beauties
27.03 In anticipation of the holiday season
13.03 Foreigners will pilot Russian planes
04.03 Direct flight from Murmansk to Kaliningrad
New head of Siva’s innovation dept to Murmansk

Apr 04 2014

New head of Siva’s innovation dept to Murmansk

Appointed three months ago to manage Innovation department of Siva, Ola Borten Moe made a trip to Murmansk this week to learn more about local activities and key players.

Borten Moe is a former Member of Parliament and State Minister. He took responsibilities for all Siva’s ownership within innovation companies, research and science parks. In addition, Siva’s overseas business is also under Moe’s responsibility.

31.03 Russia and Norway deepen the regional partnership
26.03 Russia's Arctic zone outlined
21.03 New investment strategy: results and perspectives
07.03 Will Arctic go under Far East control?
Murmansk fishery business

Oct 24 2013

Murmansk fishery business

There are 45 fish factories in the Murmansk region. Most of them meet EU certification requirements.

Among those are 16 companies that specialize in processing of cod, haddock and pollock. These companies produce over 60% of all Murmansk fish products.

16.09 Murmanskstat: inflation rate is 4.6%
23.08 FDI in Russia grew by almost 60%
15.08 Population decline continues in Murmansk
07.08 Rosstat: Construction industry statistics in Murmansk
Finland loses Russian tourists

Apr 16 2014

Finland loses Russian tourists

The economic turbulences of the last months seriously damaged the tourist business.

In the first quarter of the current year Finland registered a significant decline in tourist flow from Russia. Since 2009 in both humanitarian and economic terms the inflow of Russian tourists to Finland has been steadily growing.

04.04 Seminar held to tell about doing business in Norway
27.03 Teriberka and Båtsfjord sign treaty to cooperate
24.03 Russia opens the gates
28.02 Barents ski race cancelled
North winds to recharge the Murmansk region

Apr 09 2014

North winds to recharge the Murmansk region

The largest Russia's wind park will be built on the Kola Peninsula in 2016.

The Dutch company "Windlife Renewables" (former "Windlife Energy BV") together with the German "WSB Neue Energien GmbH" announced the establishing of a joint venture for building a 200 MW wind farm in the Murmansk region.

15.03 The winner builds it all
20.02 Arctic skiing attracts new tourists
11.02 Great plans of Russia's Navy modernization
11.02 Rosneft will set up a shipbuilding center in Murmansk